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Hi guys!  Thank you so much for visiting REinvented.

If you’re new here, welcome!  Friday is the day for sharing favorite things.

Usually I share Favorite Pins, but who knows, maybe sometimes we’ll switch it up.

Let’s get to it, shall we?


} How To Touch Up Textured Ceiling Paint

Hi guys!  Thank you so much for visiting REinvented.

Today I’m sharing a solution to a common problem for us “instant gratification” types.  

You see, I LOVE to paint.  But I HATE prep work.  Taping, sanding, cleaning…ugh.  

I’ve become skilled enough with an angled paint brush to render tape unnecessary, but…

Ceilings are my nemesis.  I use my angled brush to paint the where the wall and ceiling meet, and that usually goes pretty well.

The problem arises when I’m enthusiastically rolling on the new “perfect” color, and the roller “kisses” the ceiling.



how to touch up ceiling paint 3


Thank goodness there’s a quick fix.  Click through for my how to touch up textured ceiling paint solution.


} Favorite Paint Colors

Hi guys!  Yesterday, when I told the husband about my plans to repaint the foyer and stairwell, he told me that our home’s square footage has decreased from all of the coats of paint.

Really.  Is that not the MOST OBNOXIOUS comment you’ve ever heard?

Never mind that it may be true.

He might not believe this, and he probably has good reason not to, but I think I’ve FINALLY settled on my favorite paint colors for our home.

Yes, there has been a little trial and error.  I really hope that sharing them here doesn’t jinx me.

If I’m back next year sharing my “favorites” again, you have my permission to give me all of the crap you can sling.

K?  K.

Here we go.


} Upcycled Mug Planter

Hello there!   I’m so glad you’re here.

You’ve got to see what I made.  :)

So…I was cleaning out my cupboards, and I was ready to donate about 5 old and ugly coffee mugs.

My husband, aka the engineer, challenged me to upcycle one mug into something cool.



} Rockwell Tools Giveaway

Hey guys!

Thanks for stopping by, I’ve got some great news!




As part of a holiday promotion, Rockwell sent me a JawHorse Portable Workstation, and they want to give one of you one too!





Here are some of the specs on the Jawhorse:  (I sound like the engineer, don’t I?–he’d be so proud…)


  • Over 1 ton of maximum clamping force
  • Solid, all-steel construction provides rigidity and strength for the toughest job demands
  • Foot pedal lever creates extreme, hands-free clamping force
  • Portable folding design for space-saving storage
  • Integrated roller for easy transportation


I’ve got big plans for this dude.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be BFF’s this year as I knock out the Home Goals list.

Wanna know how you can win your very own JawHorse?

Just visit Rockwell Tools, and then leave me a comment with your favorite tool.

Easy peasy this vice is squeezy!  (see how I did that?)  Wow.

The winner will be chosen, NEXT FRIDAY, JANUARY 30.


} 18 Glorious Gallery Walls

Hello there!  Thank you so much for coming by.

When I was a kid, I thought that clipboards were used only by coaches and nurses and teachers.  Adult type people, with responsibilities that they needed to keep track of.  On a clipboard.

And that was just fine with me.

Because clipboards weren’t cool.

I thought I wanted responsibilities, just like them, but I’ve since realized that responsibilities aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.  ;)

I’ve also realized that clipboards are VERY COOL.  Especially the virtual clipboards on Hometalk, where one can “clip” cool stuff.

Hometalk recently asked me to curate a clipboard of Gallery Walls.

And I said YES and jumped up and down like a kid with no responsibilities and no need for a clipboard.

I had a great time browsing and clipping, and came up with this.


hometalk gallery wall clipboard


To see all of the details of these amazing walls of awesomeness, just click on the photo.

To follow me on Hometalk, click here.

Have a fantastic day!

Wait!  Before you go, answer one question for me in the comments, won’t you?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever hung on the wall?

} Five Favorite Pins

Hi there!  Happy Saturday!

This week I posted about my goals for our house for 2015, and one of those goals is to makeover our stairway.

For inspiration, I’ve been searching for stairwells that fit the image in my brain.

Since it’s Friday Saturday, it’s time to share my favorite pins.  Which means I’m kinda sharing the inside of my brain with you today.

Really.  It’s not as gross as it sounds.


favorite pins friday



} 2015 Home Goals

Hi everyone!

Did you watch the College Football Play-off National Championship game last night?

Did You?

D.I.D. Y.O.U.?


Ok, I’m done.

I’m not really here to talk about the game, but OOOHHHH MMMMYYYY GGGOOOOSSSHHH!


2015 Home Goals-Reinvented



I’ve been thinking a lot these past couple of weeks about the projects I’d like to work on this year around the house   I have a list and thought it would be fun to share my home goals with you.