} Trash to Treasure Tuesday, The Country Living Fair Edition

Hello friends and reinventors!

This past Sunday, I had the awesome privilege of attending the Columbus Edition of the Country Living Fair, with several of my new and old friends, home decor/DIY bloggers from all over Ohio, Kentucky, and even California!

It was a trash to treasure paradise.

And a fresh cut french fry paradise.  (say that three times fast)

Today I am resurrecting TRASH TO TREASURE TUESDAY, and what better way to start than with some photos of the amazing treasures at the Fair.

I just KNEW my pillow idea was a good one, these folks like to spell OHIO too.  ;)


photo 10




} Favorite Pins on Friday

Hi friends and reinventors, HAPPY FRIDAY!

It is a cool 68 degrees here today, and I’m headed out to a high school football game.  Ahhh, my favorite time of year.

What are your weekend plans?

Tomorrow I will be 47.  Yikes.  And I just ordered bifocals.  Yep, good times.

Sunday will be better.  I’m going to the Country Living Fair!  Several of us Ohio Home/DIY bloggers are meeting up, so I’m really excited.

Wanna see my favorite pins for this week?  This was a GREAT week for trash to treasure and reinvented stuff.  Always my faves.


} Free Fall Decor–Foyer Table

Hi friends and reinventors!

I took my youngest child to 7th grade camp this morning.  I really love the cool teenagers I live with, but I just wish they weren’t becoming teenagers so fast.  Ugh.

Back to fall decorating.  My mantel seems to come first each new season, but soon after that space is finished, I turn to another fun vignette.

The foyer table.


} Free for Fall-Mantel Decor

Hello friends and reinventors!

Man, was it a rough weekend.  ALL of my teams lost.  Ugh.

And I couldn’t even drown my sorrows in tailgate food and chocolate chip cookies, cuz of this whole eating healthy thing.  Double ugh.

Anyway, thanks for coming by, I’m excited to show you my mantel.  I kinda love it, and I didn’t spend a dime.




} Favorite Pins Friday–Fall Inspiration

Happy Friday!  What are your weekend plans?

Ours will be filled with football, a high school game tonight, and a Buckeye game tomorrow.  Too. Much. Fun.

Today I’m excited to share my favorite pins from my Fall-My Favorite Season of All board.  See how I made that rhyme?  ;)

There are so many inspiring projects out there, and oh how I love to pin them.

I thought I’d start with something FREE, since I shared a crafty and free centerpiece yesterday.





Free Printables are one of my favorite ways to decorate for the seasons.  With a little ink, a piece of printer paper and an extra frame, you’ve got the beginnings of a meaningful Fall vignette.


I really love this idea from Madigan Made.  Most of us have burlap around the house, and what a way to avoid buying a pot, repotting, etc.

I did spend some money (about $20) on mums today, and spray painted two plastic pots, but I think I’ll wrap the other two in burlap.




I REALLY love the colors and layered look of this mantel.  I’ll be sharing my simple fall mantel next week, and it might involve a chalkboard.



And then there’s this leaf art.  What a beautiful way to bring nature’s artwork inside.  And…I’m pretty sure you could make this for…wait for it…




Last, but certainly not least, I could not pass up this amazing trash to treasure idea.  Reclaimed wood pumpkins.  So cool.





} Free For Fall Decor–Easy Centerpiece

Hello friends!

Now that it’s September, I couldn’t hold back the fall decor itch any longer.  I’m not an over the top seasonal decorator, but I do like to add a touch of warmth to each of our rooms in the fall.

And, of course, I want to do it for FREE.

So…for September, I’m going to come up with as many FREE FALL DECOR projects as I can.  I’ll use what I have in the house.  Scraps, food, decor from previous years…

Let’s start in the dining room.

I have an old frame that I painted Heirloom White and converted into a try in the middle of the dining room table.  Recently I corralled all of my vintage aqua mason jars on the tray and I loved the simple look.

Although, I do need a couple more.

Last night, I pick up a couple of branches from my yard (this is my version of yard work…), and rooted through my paper and fabric stash for fall inspired prints and colors.

I cut my choices into leaves with the paper/fabric folded.  And glued the each double leaf together with the branch inside the fold.


fall centerpiece



} A Rustic Powder Room For The World Traveler

Are you a world traveler?

I’m not, but I dream about it, does that count?

If I could just find someone to pay for my world travel, I’d be all over it.

The world, I mean.

I do love to incorporate global touches in my decor.

Like this beautiful kantha blanket in my dining room.  It looks like I brought it back from India, doesn’t it?






My love of all things worldly and travelly and rustic led me to a redo of my powder room.


} Are You Ready For Some Football Pillows?

Hi everyone!  I hope that you have enjoyed the holiday weekend.

I love long weekends.

Except that they are never quite long enough.

We enjoyed the first weekend of college football, cheering, and critiquing and eating, of course.  All from the comfort of our own sofa.

And the Buckeyes won, so that was cool.

My husband and I are Ohio State alumni, and HUGE fans. Our oldest daughter is a junior at OSU, and our son plans to attend next fall.

IF I let him graduate from high school.  Sniff…

I LOVE incorporating our favorite pastime into our home’s decor, but alas, the scarlet and gray (well, at least the scarlet part) are no longer represented in my color scheme.

I guess I’ll have to resort to writing “Go Bucks” and “Michigan Sucks” on all of my chalkboards.  ;)

Or, I thought late one night, I could make a pillow.


} The Great Chandelier Transformation of 2014

Hi everyone!

How’s your Thursday?  We have our first high school marching band performance tonight, so I’m excited.  I hear they have a football game planned for before and after the band performance too.


That’s band mom humor, get it?

Anyhoo, we’ve talked before about how much I dislike the light fixtures we inherited in this house.  I even updated the kitchen light with a swipe or two of paint.

Today we’re talking about the dining room chandy.

It’s of the old world/tuscan/really not my style style.


shelf filler, light 010