} 5 Ways to Stay Guest Ready For the Holidays

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Thank to Bona for sponsoring today’s post, and for helping me keep my house guest ready all. year. long.

Whether or not you are planning on or expecting guests this holiday season, guests happen.  Friends stop by, family arrives unannounced, just for a night, and your kids plan last minute “hang out sessions”.




Maybe this only happens to me.  Having four teenagers requires a “ready for anything” strategy.

So today I’m sharing mine:  the 5 ways I stay guest ready during the holiday season.  Or any season, for that matter.


} DIY Snowflake Ornaments

Hello there!

How was your weekend?  Mine was filled with projects, my favorite kind of weekend.  I worked on some much needed de-cluttering, and did some crafting.

These DIY Snowflake ornaments were easy to make, and even easier to coordinate with our changed up color scheme.




} Vintage Master Bath Reveal

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Thank you so much for stopping by.  I am really excited to finally share my “mostly done” vintage master bath.

If you’d like to see some “before” shots click here, and check out  my vintage barn sales finds here.

I am really thrilled with this room.  All of the changes are cosmetic, and someday I’d like to change out fixtures and tile the floor, but for now, it’s beautiful, and it makes me happy.


feminine vintage bathroom pin


} I’ll Have A Blue Christmas Inspiration


How was your Monday?

Mine was busy.

Do you think it’s crazy to feel like the holiday season is slipping away too fast when it hasn’t even started yet?

Do you ever feel that way?

I’ve got so many sugarplums dancing in my head, and I’m already feeling like I’ll never get everything done.


Breathe people.

Let’s relax, and enjoy some of the blue Christmas inspiration I’ve found.


} Favorite Pins Friday

Hello there!

Thank goodness, it’s Friday!!

Let’s talk pins.


Favorite Pins image



I’m def adding this to my Christmas decorating plans.  Because free paint sticks and greenery from my hard fit my budget just right.




LOVE these simple napkin holders.  Perfect for Thanksgiving.



One can never have too many cute office accessories.



I never knew I loved old springs.  Until now.


And these pillows sewn from men’s shirts have my creative wheels turning…



Have a great weekend!!



} Christmas Decorating-Change Up Your Color Scheme On A Budget

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As often happens around here, I’m starting this post with a question for you.

I think it’s my insecurity.  I have this need to ask you what you do before I tell you what I did.  Make sense?

Anywhoo…here goes…

Do you change up your Christmas decor each year?  Different colors, themes, etc.?

I never have, but this year is different.


christmas decor ribbon 2