} Trash to Treasure Cake Plate

Hi friends!

How are you?  Are you in a trash to treasure frame of mind?

Life has been cray cray here, ya know what I’m sayin’?

I’ve been having a blast flea market and garage sale shopping, so some fun projects are in the works!

AND…I have a child finishing her junior year of college and starting both a job and an internship; a child graduating from high school, looking for his first job, and preparing for college; a teenager finishing her sophomore year of high school and preparing to start a summer internship with an Ohio Senator’s campaign, and one more finishing 7th grade and plotting world domination.

Seriously.  If you’ve got young children, and are overwhelmed with parenting responsibilities…I wish I could tell you that it gets easier.

It just gets different.

So, anyway, let’s make something, shall we?

With a sweet 16 bonfire and a graduation party to plan, I’ve been on the hunt for budget friendly decor ideas that will work for both.

Each party will feature a dessert bar, so my search started with serving pieces.

A trip to the local Goodwill resulted in this plate, for $1.99


trash to treasure cake plate



} Quick and Easy Master Bedroom Update

Hi guys!

Whatcha up to?

I had a day off from my day job today,  I got a little “bee” in my bonnet, and dove in to a master bedroom update.

Have you ever had a proverbial bee in your bonnet?

Unfortunately, it happens to me quite frequently.  I should sell honey.  ;)

Anywho…now that I have finally settled on a color scheme for our first floor (see my favorite paint colors here), and sort of have a style, (modern cottagey with some industrial thrown in), our master bedroom style wasn’t fitting in.

Buzz, buzz, buzz…

There is no way I could justify a budget, so I set out to change it up a bit for no money.  No spend decorating, my favorite.

no spend decorating


Here’s a before pic, for good measure.


master bedroom decor



} Wood Tile Topped DIY Patio Table

Hi friends!

My crazy DIY patio table project is complete and ready for summer nights enjoying yummy food, good company, and s’mores.

If you missed it, get the background info., learn from my mistakes, and see a few sneak peek shots here.

Just to refresh our memories, here’s the before shot.  We have your basic, big box store metal patio table with ceramic tile inserts.  I’m pretty sure it came from Meijer.


patio table before 3



} Trash to Treasure Tuesday, The Picnic Edition

Hi friends!   Welcome to Trash to Treasure Tuesday!  I am so excited to have resurrected this weekly feature.  Check out last week’s trash to treasure transformation here.




Today I have a project to share, but I want to also share yours, so please send me your transformations at reinventedkb{at}{dot}com.

So…let’s get to the trash, shall we?

My friend found this old tool box (at least I think that’s what it is) at a local church rummage sale this past weekend.  She’s a good “scout” and quickly sent me a pic.  Luckily, that sale had marked everything 50% off, so I scored this box for $7.50.


t2t toolbox 2


} My Unfinished Patio Table Weekend

Hi friends!

How was your weekend?  Mine has been b.u.s.y.

I shopped a nearby neighborhood garage sale yesterday, found an adorable table for next month’s Themed Makeover Day, and finally saw Cinderella with my girls.  It was amazing.

Today I started a long planned makeover of our patio table.

As usual, this idea hasn’t been as easy to execute as it looked in my head.

It’s not done yet, but I thought I’d share a sneak peek.

So here’s what we started with.  A standard big box store dirty patio table.  The metal kind with 12×12 ceramic tile inserts.


patio table before 3



} Aged Metal Outdoor Table-Themed Makeover Day

Hi friends!

I am so excited about today’s post.  Today is my first entry in Themed Makeover Day.

This awesome DIY party is hosted by a group of fabulous bloggers, and I am totally psyched to join them.

Just don’t tell them I’m crazy, k?  I want to get a few projects under my belt before they catch on…

So…this month’s theme is Pottery Barn Inspired.

I do A LOT of browsing on the PB site, so it didn’t take me too long to choose a piece of furniture to hack.

I love the hammered  look of this metal outdoor table.





} Spring Cleaning With Bissell And A Giveaway!

Hello friends and reinventors!

I have a question for you:  Do you “spring clean”?

Who invented spring cleaning anyway?  #ithinkitwasmygrandmother

I’m usually so busy cleaning up after kids, dogs, and my own DIY messes that thorough cleaning happens in mad spurts rather than planned seasonal sessions.

You know, house gets dirty, mom gets mad, mom uses angry energy to deep clean something.


Mom paints/rearranges/redecorates something and that process creates dirt so mom cleans it.

My most recent cleaning frenzy was a product of both of those phenomena.

Over the weekend, we finally finished the HUGE foyer/stairwell/many hallways painting project.  Wow, that was a tough one.  It took FOREVER.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a clean slate, though, am I right?

(a poor photo of a clean slate leaves a little to be desired.  sorry for the poor light and Iphone quality)