} Four Easy Ways to Entertain A Crowd and A Giveaway!

Hi guys!

This post is sponsored by Bissell, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Now that the Christmas decorating is done, I am focused on entertaining. My side of the family is coming to our house Saturday for an early Christmas celebration.

We’ll have my two sisters with families, my mom, two second cousins, and my own four kids, husband and large ornery dog.

The youngest guest will be three years old, and the oldest will be my mom. (she’d probably kill me if I typed a number, so we’ll go with that)

That is quite a crowd.  And the number of people is not the best part.  This. will. be. fun.

I thought I’d share today what I have planned to entertain a crowd and keep everyone happy so that it doesn’t turn into one of the scenes from Four Christmases.  Have you seen that movie?


1.  Make sure there is plenty of food, but don’t try to make it all yourself, or you’ll be so ticked off and tired when everyone arrives you won’t care if they have a good time or not.  Assign everyone a dish to bring.

Keep a couple of snacks in your hostess “back pocket” in case the crowd gets restless.  Nothing leads to knock down drag out family fights like empty stomachs. ;)



Holiday Buffet Ideas from Better Homes and Gardens

2.  Plan activities for the kids.  I like to keep fun board games around.  Those that can be played “kids vs. parents” are always fun.



3.  Add a gift exchange game.  Each adult is bringing a $20 gift to our house.   Here are some ideas to keep the laughs going:


4.  Put everyone to work.  Besides divvying up the food duties, I’m planning to have pre-baked sugar cookies on hand and lots of frosting and sprinkles.  This activity should get everyone all sugared up and happy.


Great source for cooking decorating with kids!

What will I be doing after the party?

First, I’ll probably collapse on the couch.  ;)

Then I’ll clean up.  There will be crumbs on the tile, dirty dishes in the sink, and frosting in the carpet.  All signs of a great family party that wouldn’t be complete without a few holiday spills.

As much as my dog would love to be chief carpet cleaner, I am so glad that I have a Bissell Upright Cleaning Machine to clean up all traces of family fun.

(please read that again.  that. was. the. best. segue. ever. ;))

Seriously, though, my Bissell is one of my favorite cleaning tools.  Our carpets need to be cleaned several times a year, so professional cleaning is just too expensive.  Besides, I’m a DIY kind of girl, and I want to make sure that my carpets are REALLY clean.  Not just as clean as the guy in the van thinks they need to be.


To enter, click on this photo to get more information on the Bissell Cleaning products, then come back here and let me know which product would make a difference in your holiday cleaning this year.


There are several blogs participating in this campaign, and Bissell will choose THREE winners from all of the entries.  Good luck, and have fun entertaining your families this year!


} Five Minute Christmas Window Sill Decor

Hi everyone!

I am so glad that you are here, thank you so much for visiting.

While I was washing the never-ending pile of dishes in my kitchen sink this morning, I couldn’t help but scowl at my boring at naked window sill.

Never mind the rusty wagon and crooked weather vane.


quick Christmas window sill decor



I thought I was pretty much done decorating, and I’d already posted the home tour, but I couldn’t help adding some quick Christmas cheer to the window.

I give you…five minute Christmas Window Sill Decor.


} Christmas Home Tour

Hello there!

I’m so glad that you’re here.  Really.

I just wish we could drink chai tea lattes and eat cookies while I show you around.  It won’t take long, this is likely to be the shortest home tour EVER, but we could watch a Christmas movie after.

What is your favorite?

I LOVE them all.

Let’s tour.


Christmas Home Tour Pin


} Favorite Pins Friday on Saturday

Geez.  I may need to change this series to Favorite Pins Saturday.

By the time I get home from my day job on Fridays, I’m just too tired to be witty and interesting.


Favorite Pins image


Aw, who cares what day it is, let’s get on with the pins, shall we?


} A Simple Modern Christmas Wreath

Hello everyone!

I hope that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. Ours was one of the best ever, just fun and relaxing. I took the weekend off to spend time with my family.

This week I’ve had so much fun checking out all of the Christmas Home tours around blogland. There are so many gorgeous homes, and talented ladies, it’s hard not to get caught in that ‘ole comparison trap. Do you struggle with comparisons?

The last thing I want is for comparison to steal my Christmas Joy, so I am enjoying the tours, and working to make our house beautiful in my own way, for my own family, and on our own budget.

Out of those goals, an idea was born. A simple, modern version of a Christmas wreath.


simple modern Christmas wreath



} 5 Ways to Stay Guest Ready For the Holidays

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Thank to Bona for sponsoring today’s post, and for helping me keep my house guest ready all. year. long.

Whether or not you are planning on or expecting guests this holiday season, guests happen.  Friends stop by, family arrives unannounced, just for a night, and your kids plan last minute “hang out sessions”.




Maybe this only happens to me.  Having four teenagers requires a “ready for anything” strategy.

So today I’m sharing mine:  the 5 ways I stay guest ready during the holiday season.  Or any season, for that matter.


} DIY Snowflake Ornaments

Hello there!

How was your weekend?  Mine was filled with projects, my favorite kind of weekend.  I worked on some much needed de-cluttering, and did some crafting.

These DIY Snowflake ornaments were easy to make, and even easier to coordinate with our changed up color scheme.