} Den Decor: A Fun Gallery Wall

Hello friends and reinventors!

How was your weekend?  I spent mine at the amazing All’asta Gathering (All’asta for annual conference).  It was truly life-changing, and I promise to do my best to not talk about it incessantly.  ;)

Remember when I posted my fun den decor last week?

And the piano top and wall above weren’t fun yet?



} Do You Speak Italian for Auction?

Hello friends and reinventors!

I am off for another conference this afternoon, but this one is in my beautiful hometown.  Yay!

I haven’t told you yet about this new venture, partially because I sooooo don’t want you to feel like I’m a salesperson.

Which I’m not.

I’m just a girl that’s passionate about home.  My home, your home, and Emily Henderson’s home.

And when I find an opportunity that fits so well with my home AND my heart, well, I want to share it.

Have you heard of All’asta?


photo (2)


} Den Decor–Add Some Fun To A Stuffy Space

Hello friends and reinventors!  It has been a gorgeous day here, I hope you’re enjoying beautiful weather too.

Let’s talk about dens.  Or home offices.

Do you call yours a den or a home office?

A few weeks ago, we sat in my den on a Saturday and appreciated it for its functionality.  And the sunny window.

But because I’m me, I wanted to change some things.


} Monogram Your Front Door For All Seasons

Hi friends and reinventors!

Today I’m sharing my version of a front door “wreath.”

Except it’s not a wreath.

It’s a monogram.


front door for pinterest



It’s not that I don’t like wreaths, I love them.  I just can never find something simple and graphic to fit my style.

AND, it’s so easy to tell people that I live in the house with the giant B on the front door.  ;)

Seriously.  If I take it down, I get complaints.


} I’m A Terribly Nervous Haven Conference Newbie

You. guys.

Have you ever signed up/signed on for something and at the time felt TOTALLY CONFIDENT that you could nail it?

And then when it got closer you became TOTALLY CONVINCED that you were going to bomb/fail epically/totally humiliate yourself?


Please say yes, even if you have no idea what I’m talking about.




In 59 short hours,  I am leaving on a jet plane from my beloved, comfortable C-Bus, to Atlanta for the Haven Conference.


Haven Newbie



} New Uses for Old Tool Boxes

Hi everyone!  Do you have amazing plans for this holiday weekend?

I have a “to do” list a mile long, but will definitely mix in some fun watching my kids march in the parade and hosting friends for some fireworks watching.

I am excited today to talk about new uses for old tool boxes.

I bought this rusty blue beauty at a garage sale this spring for $10.





} Chair-ology

Can I ask you a question?

Can you keep a secret?

I have this problem, you see.

I have a near fatal…

chair deficiency.

When One Kings Lane contacted me and asked if I’d like to help launch their Complete Guide to Modern Chairs, I pulled up my big girl, interior design student panties and said “SURE!”

I started brainstorming analogies (good grief, I just had to Google analogies to find out how to spell it).

“Chairs are like a great blouse/top/tee.  They “announce” your style and “carry” your accessories.  With basic pants (like a sofa), you can easily change up the style of a room by choosing a fab chair.”


Then I thought about how chairs make us feel.  Stay with me here.  Think about it.


The chaise lounge.  Relaxation.

The dining chair.  Food!  Family.  Holidays.

The dentist chair.  Teeth chattering fear.

Movie theater recliners.  Ahhhh…popcorn.

Rolling desk chairs.  Power.

Lawn chairs.  Mosquitos.

Ok, I better quit.


After I got all of that nonsense out of the way, I took a walk around my house to see what style our own chairs are.  Art Nouveau?  Mid-Century Modern?  Scandinavian & Danish Modern?

Nope.  What I found was kind of embarrassing.  We have a total of ONE chair that isn’t a traditional dining chair.

This one.





} The Columbus Arts & Vintage Marketplace

Last weekend I had the mad pleasure of attending the very first Columbus Arts & Vintage Marketplace.

This event was created by the same group that hosts the Arts & Vintage Marketplaces in Indianapolis and Springfield, Ohio.

Columbus (well, me at least) is VERY EXCITED to finally have our own.

I pulled in at the 10am start time last Sunday and was greeted by the most amazing sign ever.





} How To Finish A Room

Do you ever look at a room and it just feels unfinished?  Like there’s something missing, but you can’t put your spray paint covered finger on it?

Happens to me all. the. time.  Walking through a house full of “unfinished” rooms makes me feel unsettled.

#firstworldprobs, I know.

I got to thinking, maybe this is why I’m such a restless amateur designer.

So I decided to work on ONE ROOM until it really felt finished.


mbr for pinterest