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Thanks for your interest in advertising on REINVENTED.

I started this blog in January of 2009 and have enjoyed writing more than I could have imagined. REINVENTED has grown quickly, now logging over 34,000 visits each month. (info. from Google Analytics)
I am learning and growing as a blogger every day, and would love for you to partner with me in this fantastic adventure!
If you’ve got a blog, on-line store, or an Etsy shop that you’d like to promote on REINVENTED, please contact me for current rates at
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This option is for a 100 x 100 ad in the “Please Visit Our Sponsors” section at the top of the right sidebar. Your add will be displayed next to the most current article!
Sponsorship status also includes a post written by me about your business/blog. If you’d like to host a giveaway, we can arrange that too.
Please contact me for current advertising rates.
Thanks again!

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3 thoughts on “Advertise on REINVENTED!

  1. Kimm – I’m working with Shannon at eightcrazydesign on a redesign of my blog – I told her how much I like the design of your blog (and the content too, I’m now a follower!). Anyway – I too would like to have “sponsors” for my blog and am wondering what your ad rates and terms are. Would you mind sharing? I just have no idea what one would charge and how long of a term you obligate your blog for. I have had a company contact me about being on my blog and I haven’t really figured out how to handle this yet. If you would rather keep this info private, I certainly understand. Thanks and keep up the great writing – Kim

  2. I’m doing affiliate marketing with other blogs. I would love to be on yours. I have been designing my own gift bags and greeting cards plus tote bags and quilts for over 18 years.
    I also make sustainable products.
    I started selling on etsy in 2008, but with not much success. I was headed to this way of advertising in hopes it will help my product become known.
    Please contact me with rates.

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