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TGIF everyone!
I am participating in Hooked On… Friday today at Hooked On Houses. Hooked on Houses is a fabulous blog, one of the first I stumbled upon when this journey to addiction began.
What am I hooked on, you ask? (sorry, sometimes I forget we’re not actually having a real conversation)
Inspiration. My decorating inspiration comes from many sources; glossy magazines (I’m a real magazine junky), web sites, catalogs, and of course, other blogs. I love that it’s possible to be inspired by a picture, a project, or even someone else’s design disaster and run with that inspiration to create something completely my own.
Here are some pictures I find inspiring:


I could be successful in this office. At what I have no idea, but I’d be GOOD. (photo from pottery barn.com—I can’t afford anything in this picture!)



I want this porch. And the dog. (I’m pretty sure he doesn’t slobber or fart as much as mine!) I don’t have a big porch, more like a stoop, but I could use some of these ideas for my space. (Photo from bhg.com)


I CAN make some of these pillows for my porch, I mean stoop. Love the graphic numbers, and I’d have to make a B. (Photo from bhg.com)



If I had this mud room, my house would never be messy again. (When does “inspired” change to “delusional?”) (Photo-bhg.com)

I love being inspired by others’ ideas, and even better inspiring others with mine. And that, my new friends, is why I’m hooked on inspiration.

Please visit Hooked on Houses for more “Hooked on” somethings!

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17 thoughts on “Hooked On Inspiration

  1. Great pictures! Guess what…I have a mudroom (although not at all as fabulous as the one shown) and not only is the mudroom a mess, but the house still gets messy too!

  2. I too could be successful in that office. I love everythng Pottery Barn. I’m also loving Black and White and anything with numbers or letters.

    Right now, I get my inspiration from blogs and HGTVs Rate My Space.

  3. The mud room picture is the stuff dreams are made of. But you know what happens in real life? People trip on the skateboard crack their heads open and end up bleeding all over the white lockers and upholstered cushions before heading to the ER to get their head sewn back together that’s what! :)

  4. Oh yeah, I could be successful in that office too. Love the porch, but you can have the dog. The pillows are great. And I long for a mudroom like that. In fact, if i could fit that in my kitchen, I would do it.

  5. I would love, love, love that screen porch. I could go without the pooch though, allergies and all.

    The summer bugs in Minnesota kill a non-screened porch! This one is lovely.

    Thanks for the nice pics!

  6. LOL..”When does inspired become delusional?” That is my favorite quote right now…lol.

    Delusional decorating. Yeah, I dispensed with that a long time ago. Now we go for fun, funky and functional!

    Although, our house doesn’t fully reflect our style yet. Like you, I am on a strict budget. But I have found that it makes me more creative and is much more satisfying than plunking down large amounts of cash. I am a proud DIYer and penny-pinching, decorating on a shoestring type of person :)

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