Garage Sale Glory

One of the first decorating blogs that I started reading is the Nesting Place. I heart the Nester. In fact, if there was a “First United Church of the Nester”, I would so be the lady pastor.
So, anyway, before the poor lady becomes afraid of me, I’ll get to the point. Two of my favorite garage sale “scores” in 2008 were these great pieces of fabric. I paid $2.00 each. Yep, 2 bucks. I had grand ideas about making these in to curtains, but absolutely no sewing skills. Oh, I had desire, but no talent whatsoever.
THEN I found the Nester. She taught me how to do window “mistreatments.”
The first piece of fabric was the perfect width, but longer than I needed. I folded it in half (no worry about a bottom seam), then folder over the top and ends to hide the unfinished edges. I got some curtain rod clips, used those strategically to hold the folds together and TaDaaa!

This is my dining room window.

The other piece of fabric I also folded then tacked to the wall with upholstery tacks. How easy is that?
This is my powder room window. By the way, I wouldn’t recommend red (actually Cherry Cobbler) paint, it took like 35 coats to get it right.


I used the extra fabric for instant art work for the dining room.


Here’s to more awesome garage sale finds in 2009! I can’t wait until spring!

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10 thoughts on “Garage Sale Glory

  1. Oh my goodness…girl you’ve got me laughing out loud here! If Nester starts a church, I am SO there with ya. Lady pastor…hee, hee, hee!!!

    Love what you did with your awesome garage sale fabric. I do love me a good mistreatment!

    Waiting for Spring!

  2. Hi Kimm – We’re Belle’s Valentine’s Partners in the swap that you signed up for. We have each other’s names – she has a whole list of questions posted on her site that we’re supposed to ask each other in an email, but before we get to all that, I wanted to come over and at least introduce myself.
    This is going to be so much fun!!

  3. 2.00!!

    I am ALL about anything that gets around sewing. Me and the sewing machine frequently get into fisticuffs because it doesn’t want to behave.

    I learned to love those rings with the clippies – LOVE them. :)

  4. okay i never go to garage sales because A) i’m lazy and i sleep in
    B) i never have cash
    C) i never think i am gonna find anything


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