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Yesterday I had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. (Have you read that book?…priceless)
One of those days when I’m convinced that the wonderful man than I chose as my life partner and the four precious blessings that God sent us to raise exist solely to sabbotage my efforts at a somewhat orderly and reasonably clean home.
It all started when I came from an evening shift at the hospital Wednesday night, to find that no one had cleaned up the dishes from the crock-pot dinner I had left for them.
I was too tired to deal with it that night, after 8 hours of being puked on by people waking up from anesthesia, so I went to bed.
That was my first mistake. Now my Thursday started with cleaning up from Wednesday, and I hate that. Just ask my husband, he’ll tell you, but you’ll need to set aside a couple of days.
After the dishwasher was loaded and happily washing my dishes, I proceeded upstairs where I entered our “rec room” and found at least another load of dirty dishes with some Nobel Prize winning science experiments growing inside.
Determined not to let this get the best of me, I decided to make something, you know, to calm myself. I thought about all of those cute lettered signs people have hanging on their walls and decided to make one. Here’s what I came up with:

Adorable, isn’t it? I would give you the step by step directions, but all you really need are a bad attitude and a Sharpie.
Now about that bad attitude.
At the end of each day, I usually have a few moments when everyone else is asleep to reflect on the day and beat myself up about all the things I didn’t get done.
That’s when I realized that I was upset because MY expectations weren’t met. But what about my family’s expectations?
I’m 100% sure that my husband didn’t hope and pray as a young man for a wife that would lecture him for playing with the kids instead of cleaning up the dinner dishes.
And I’m just as sure that my kids didn’t wake up yesterday hoping that mommy would yell at them for sharing some snacks with their friends and “forgetting” to clean up.
I fell asleep praying that God would help me to more consistently be the wife and mother that he created me to be (I say consistently, because I’m not always that bad, honest).
Sometimes my expectations and the behavior that results need “Reinvented”. And only my God can pick me up, sand down the rough spots and give me a new coat of paint.
Lord, you’re going to need a lot of sand paper…

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8 thoughts on “Reinvent Me

  1. Well stated. I too have to adjust my attitude from time to time. It’s good for me to realize that others expectations are not always met by me either and I should rely more on God than on others around me to meet my needs. I came over from SITS.

  2. I needed this post today. I too am having a bad day. I get up early to start laundry, and discover my washer no longer spins. Great! Then I go upstairs to youngest son’s room and dirty clothes, dirty dishes, trash all over the place.
    I’m not going to let my bad day get me down. Instead I’m going to be thankful that I have a wonderful husband that works hard so I don’t have to work outside the home, and that I have great kids that give me no trouble, (except dirty rooms sometimes). I’m just going to clean up the mess, it won’t take me longer than 10 min.
    It could be a lot worse.

  3. Best instructions ever!!!
    “I would give you the step by step directions, but all you really need are a bad attitude and a Sharpie.”

    Now that…is priceless.

    You made a bad day so much better with this! Thanks for sharing.

  4. OK – that was great!! You made me smile and I’ll have to remember that one when I go home tonight – ‘cuz when I left this morning – I was thinking some of the same things as you – except they were all directed at my own dear hubs!! He can be such a pig!!

  5. I can totally relate..hence the name of my blog. I guess it should really be “in the Potter’s hands” but I wanted to include the family too…lol! I call these times “molding moments”–when He takes us and chisels a little selfishness out here, some pride sliced off the other side. Sigh. Not necessarily a fun process, but a much more beautiful result in the end. A useful vessel, ready to pour forth His love to those around you!


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