Containing Kid Clutter

I just love a good party, and today I’m participating in a gathering of bloggy minds that we can ALL benefit from. Wendy at The Shabby Nest, and the Pretty Organizer, are hosting the Conquering Kids Clutter Linky Party!
Now, if you can’t use ideas like this, then well, you’re just not normal.
My first contribution is pretty simple actually. My kids are notorious for leaving small “trinkets” of mess all around the first floor of our house. Baskets to the rescue! I had some small baskets perfect for small messes. I made tags for each child, placed the baskets on the steps, and now when I find something that belongs upstairs, it goes in the appropriate child’s basket. Ideally, they take the basket upstairs with them and unload it frequently, but that usually takes NAGGING, which is my second contribution (just kidding).
Here’s a picture. Of the baskets, not the nagging, you don’t want to see that.

My second contribution is my toy box/coffee table. I “reinvented” my kids’ old toy box in to a storage coffee table for our family room, to house all of the Wii games and accessories they got for Christmas. Here’s a picture:

(Sorry to my regular readers that have already seen this, but I’m hoping to make some new friends today!) If you’d like to see the transformation in progress, look here.

Thanks for coming by today, be sure to check out all of the other ideas at the party!

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32 thoughts on “Containing Kid Clutter

  1. Great idea! The baskets would work a lot better than just piling things on the dining room table like I do! Thanks for the tip! I love your coffee table!

  2. MULTIPLE BASKETS!!! I have 1 stair basket that we empty each day but with 8 in the family it’s getting out of control. I’ll have to think of a Multiple basket system! Great idea… and LOVE the toy chest coffee table. I don’t buy furniture anymore unless it can serve at least 2 o 3 purposes!

    Fabulous girl!
    Pretty Organizer

  3. Love the baskets – wonder if I could get hubby to play? He leaves his shoes everywhere and we don’t even have a 2-story house!! Our room is right off the garage entry (I picked the plan for that reason)!!

    Your coffee table looks great – not sure if I mentioned that or not!

  4. Great idea using the baskets.. I need to get one for the whole family..

    It is a good thing that Hobby Lobby is 40mins from me as well..I would spend to much money there.

  5. Love your reinvented toy box. Seems like everything in my house has been reinvented in some way! I would love to use the baskets but I am sure someone would totally trip over them and crash, so I usually grab a laundry basket throw everything in and leave it on the landing until (hopefully) one the boys will take it up for me. Somehow, I am still the one putting things away when it makes it upstairs. I just like to make sure things go in the right spot…hmmm maybe I should keep reading the clutter ideas at Wendy’s so I can learn to make them do it themselves!

  6. Hmmmm…I think the basket idea is something I NEED to give a try. We end up with tons of trinkety stuff I don’t know where to put. A basket for each girl (and one for my husband too!) might be just the thing!

  7. Great ideas! I love the baskets. I have one basket that I keep on the stairs, but I think yours is better. It gets all jumbled when everything is all in together. Great toy holder too – very cute!

    Thanks so much and nice to meet you!


  8. Your baskets idea is great and they look good, too! What more could you want? Well, maybe no clutter to worry about!

    I’m always fighting clutter around here. With homeschooling and home magazines it can get a little crazy!


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