An Inspiration Fabric

The master bedroom “metamorphosis” is under way!!
I found some fab fabric (ha, that’s funny) today at
I love the soft colors and the pattern, and have decided that this will be my inspiration piece for my room, and will determine the color scheme.

Do you ever start off a room redesign with an inspiration piece? I find that if I’m struggling with my options, I’ll find ONE thing that I LOVE and build upon that.

What do you think?

I am going to coordinate the wall color to one of the warm beigey hues in this fabric. Call me a wimp, but I just love neutral walls with color in the accents. And I think that those warm wood dressers will look MUCH better with warmer walls. My favorite color is red, so I think the raspberry in this pattern will be a softer bedroom option. And red is the color of passion, no? (good grief, I can’t believe I just said that).

I’m planning to use this fabric for window mistreatments, and an accent pillow or two. It was on sale, but still not cheap for all that I needed (I ordered 14 yards), so this will be my “big ticket item.” By choosing this color scheme, I am saving money on bedding (I’ll keep the chocolate brown quilt and shams), paint (I won’t be painting the furniture, just the walls), and floor coverings (I already have a rug that will be great). See how I justify this in my own mind? It’s not how much I spent, it’s how much I saved. If only men thought this way…

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17 thoughts on “An Inspiration Fabric

  1. Beautiful fabric! I like the idea of neutral walls and using color as accents. That way if you want a change, it’s not nearly as much work. And your cost rationalization works for me! Kathy

  2. Love the fabric. When I redid my daughter’s room I fell in love with a pillow and went from there. It was easier to match the paint with the pillow color than trying to match the paint color with a pillow. Does that me sense?

  3. It’s gorgeous, I love the fabric you picked out! And yes, I totally do that too. I find something that will inspire me to figure out the rest of the room. It could be fabric or a picture or a mirror. It’s just amazing how things fall into place after you find that one thing!

  4. I can totally follow your reasoning. Sounds like you saved a bundle to me!

    See, men do think like that. It’s the whole “what was wrong with the way it was?” that you have to get past. I think you’re on the right track with the color red!

    Remodeling Guy

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