Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Decorating with typography has become hugely popular. Monograms and lettered signs are showing up everywhere in catalogs and on internet shopping sites.For a chunk of change, you can have a customed designed sign for your home.

Now, you know, that’s NOT the way I roll.

We only bought NEW stuff yesterday, because we HAD to.

Today, we are back at the Goodwill, buying someone else’s trash. But I forgot to take a picture of the trash part.

So you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about, here’s the AFTER

You can easily make your own stencils to paint lettering like this. This sign started out painted red with the word “BELIEVE” on it. It was someone’s Christmas present (I know that because the givers signed the back, before the recipients threw it away. I know all of their names.)

I used some of the leftover paint from the ragging technique I used on my kids’ beach themed bathroom to paint over the old design.

I used Microsoft Word to print out the letters at 400 font size. To save on ink, I printed a quick draft copy.

I cut out the letters with my craft knife, and there I had it, a homemade stencil. I used regular paper for this one time use, but you could use cardstock for a more durable stencil.

After the paint had dried, I used sand paper to distress it a little.

How much? $2.99 plus the miniscule cost of the paint, paper and printer ink.

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29 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

  1. Great idea! The other day I saw that our local hardware store had the smaller sized decals with lots of different sayings on them that could also be used on a piece of wood to create art…I think I could handle a project like that! :)

  2. Um…….you’re giving away all of my secrets!!! I make signs!

    I haven’t been making them lately because it is so time consuming {en masse}. Mine cost a *little* more because I always buy pine from Lowe’s. But other than that, that’s the technique I use!! I use a hand sander to sand all of the edges too, exposing the wood underneath. It gives it a very cool look.

    That sign looks great!

  3. And how sad that someone would get rid of it! I did some that were red {among other color options} with the word ‘Believe’ on it. Of course, they were a custom order. I think they’re so cute! I guess maybe they are just not some people’s style.

    Still sad though. At least wait a FEW months to get rid of it!! lol

  4. Love this idea…I decorate with signs all over, I need uplifting reminders!
    I came over from Delightful Home and wanted to say Hi!
    Robin Rane’
    All Things Heart and Home

  5. LOVE the sign! I picked up a wood sign at the GW the other day too. Still not sure what I’m going to do with it. I really want to make a towel ‘rack’ hanger holder thingie doodle to go in my ‘guest’/daughters bathroom. Her’s ripped out of the wall and hasn’t been replaced. This is large enough to cover the holes and do the ‘job’ of hand towel. I may have to HUNT another one to do a sign for my ‘beachy’ theme bath (which is MY bathroom). LOL

  6. Great idea! I was just looking at a sign I liked over the weekend but couldn’t justify the price tag. I’m going to try my hand at my own sign. You did such a nice job.

  7. Isn’t it so fun to go to the thrift store and find little hidden gems that just need a little bit of crafting?? Good job on the sign! Now I will be thinking if there are any places in my house that I could use a sign.

  8. That’s great. You can always use old file folders too. I grab the ones from work that are too ragged to re-used. Yes, they DO reach that point! I’ll definitely try this as there are a few signs that I have seen and LOVE

    Now a follower too!

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