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My fabric has shipped! Tomorrow I will be holding it in all its loveliness.

And trying to match one of the 1,185 paint chips that I have collected.
(So far, I would highly recommend I ordered my fabric on Tuesday and will receive it on Friday by UPS.)
Now that I have found the inspiration for the room, and the color palette, my goals for this week are to choose a wall color, clear out the clutter and begin painting.
I’ve also been “surfing” for more inspiration.
Look what I found:

I like the wall color in the above bedroom, and also how the warm wood tones look with the warm wall shade. This would seem to confirm my thought that my dressers will transform from ugly to pretty with just a change of background color. I LOVE being right. I just wish my poor husband could experience the feeling more often…

Loving the architectural details in this bedroom, and the placement of the curtains at the outer edge of the window to maximize the view and show off the mouldings. I’m planning to accent the architectural detail we already have (cathedral ceiling, some crown moulding), and add more, hopefully in the form of some architectural salvage pieces.

I HEART this bench. I’ll be hunting for seating at the thrift stores and garage sales this spring. I WON’T be using all white bedding. When you live with these:

And this:

You DON’T do white bedding. Besides, I like my chocolate brown quilt. Brown, the color of dirt. PERFECT.

Bedroom pics are all from

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5 thoughts on “Step by Step

  1. Can’t wait to see your new fabric! And you are SO right about the white bedding. I actually redid our bedding in a soft off white a couple of years ago. Figured our daughter was getting ready to go to college and all the pets were in doggy/kitty heaven and we were safe. WRONG! Daughter brought a cat home 1 yr before she left, great cat, but she is a hairbag!! I love your idea of using architectural salvage pieces. Can’t wait to see what you do. Kathy

  2. LOL… I live with three kiddos too. No dog, but they make a big enough mess all by themselves. We don’t do white bedding either!

    I share your enthusiasm about fabric..I just found some at Jo-Ann’s Fabric Store this weekend 50% OFF!!! I got 12 yards (one patterned, one solid) for $36!!! And it was exactly what I didn’t know I wanted…lol :)

    Looking forward to coming back here and seeing how your bedroom renovation is going :)


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