Ten Minutes and a Can of Spray Paint

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!! With the Nester!
It’s not a date, really, but she did invite me over.
To her 10 Minutes to a Room You Love linky party.
Alas, I’ve been fretting all day because I had nothing to wear. Or was it nothing to share?
My master bedroom makeover is taking WAY longer than 10 minutes, so I thought I’d share just a tiny space, the top of my dresser.
Here’s the UGLY before (I know, I know, the dresser isn’t the ONLY problem):


Lots of clutter, which I hate, even thought it doesn’t look like it right now. I prefer a few larger items with big impact than lots of small knicknacks.


At my favorite shopping destination, the Goodwill store, I had found some mismatched wooden candlesticks that fit the bill. And a plate. If you’re lookin’ for a plate and you can’t find it at the Goodwill, then there’s somethin’ wrong with ya.


So sorry, forgot the “before” picture (of the candlesticks).


I paid $5.96 total for these. Already had the bird, I love her because she’s chunky.

Nester says to make our rooms reflect the people who live there, right?

Now, soon I will have actual CANDLES, but that would’ve taken more than 10 minutes, and I was already late, so…

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29 thoughts on “Ten Minutes and a Can of Spray Paint

  1. Wow! I’m learning so much today about the value of a can of spray paint! Your candlesticks are lovely!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. The votes for painting my dresser white or leaving it as is are just about tied!

  2. You could just about say there was never an accessory or a piece of furniture that a can of paint could not revive in some way. Love your GW purchases. Linda

  3. Don’t you just LOVE spray paint?? I know I do!! I was wishing that I had more black spray paint today, as I have a few things I was chomping at the bit to spray, but I ran out yesterday!

    I la la LOVE that bird and the pedestal it’s standing on! Beautiful!

  4. I love the candlesticks and I looked further at your blog and love the fabric you choose for the room. I can’t wait to see the redo.
    Thanks for stoppping by my blog.We also have something in common,
    I am also a part time nurse. I work for Hospice and Homecare and love it!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! That’s the most comments i’ve EVER had, and I must say, it felt pretty good! haha (mainly just my family reads my blog!). I like your “chunky” bird. You’ve inspired me to find a goodwill store today!

  6. I also found a picture frame thats ugly at a thrift store that I have a redesign in the works!

    I love your redesigns, and when you have your bedroom finished you should put it on rate my space.

    I was very afraid to put my first room up, but I am glad I did, it was a positive experience.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love what you did with the candlesticks. I have to say that I never find anything like that at Goodwill! I guess I’m not able to visualize what things can become.

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