Toy Box Transformation

Today’s project came about out of necessity. Don’t they all? That dear Santa Claus brought my children a Wii for Christmas, along with extra remotes, games, nunchucks (what are those, anyway?) and steering wheels for some crazy game called Mario Cart that is impossible for adults to play.
I have endured looking at those accessories piled up on my TV cabinet since Christmas morning.
It was beginning to drive me crazy! (I know, short trip.)
So, I began to dream of more storage in my family room, namely in the form of a beautiful new coffee table with storage from Pottery Barn.
Well, you know me, that wasn’t happenin’, so I began to “shop my house.”
I found this toy box that my father-in-law had made for our children probably 14 years ago. Sadly, my children have outgrown the need for a toy box. So I decided to “reinvent” the box into family room storage.

Here it is sitting in our garage getting a good sanding from my husband. (Sorry, I’m just NOT a sander.)

I wanted to dress it up a bit, so I (he) added these wood appliques.

Next came 3 coats of satin finished spray paint and 2 coats of polyurethane on the top. Now we have this:

Here’s a closer look, so you can see all of the professional “distressing” and all. (kids for hire–reasonable rates)

It’s not perfect, but all of those Wii accessories fit inside, along with some blankets and magazines. Now, if only I can get them to actually PUT the Wii clutter in there. That’s a project for another day! Have a great Monday!

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26 thoughts on “Toy Box Transformation

  1. I think you did a fantastic job! I’d have never thought of a toybox refurbish… now I will… looking for similar storage in my LR. Wonder if we still have that old toybox!

    thanks for the inspiration! Dixie

  2. Kimm, I think this looks totally FAB! Adding the little piece of ornate wood before you painted it really stepped it up with the design/style. I think this is a SUPER makeover! I’m with those that believe every room needs an element of black in it! Love it! ~CC Catherine

  3. What a great idea! My grandson has a Wii, so my daughter has the same problem at her house…including light sabers for Star Wars the Clone Wars as well!! I’ll pass along your idea. Have a great week…Debbie

  4. Ornate wood now I did not think of that? Your right we did have the same projects. I’m a pink girl so your black matches the rest of your beautiful home.
    I love hiding places don’t you?
    Love Claudie

  5. This looks fantastic! What a great idea, and it’s perfect in your room. Kathy (ps, I may need to hire those kids when I start redoing the guest room, have a couple of bookcases that will probably need to be distressed lol)

  6. Nice job… love something that is functional, beautiful… and best of all, cheap. Yay for repurposing! Glad I checked out your site. Thanks for leaving a comment on mine!

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