Decor For the Man in Your Room

Anyone ever heard that famous quote “If Daddy ain’t happy then nobody’s happy?”
Me neither.
This may come as a surprise, but I make ALL of the home decor decisions around here. My husband usually trusts me in this area, and doesn’t question my choices very often. I can always tell, though, when he REALLY likes an idea, because he’ll jump in to help so that he can share the CREDIT.
Precisely what happened when we painted our bedroom. I am TOTALLY okay with this, because no one that we know really believes that he had ANYTHING to do with the design process.
I do, however, TRY REALLY HARD to consider his likes and dislikes when I redesign a room. Since this series is about our master bedroom makeover, I’ll share my MAN-PLEASIN’ ideas for this room.

We’ve had this denim bedskirt and euroshams for quite awhile. I’ve kept them through a few room designs, because I think the denim keeps the room from being too feminine. Kind of like when you wear jeans with your frilly blouse. Makes the outfit more down to earth, don’t ya think? Since jeans go with everything, I just pretend that this bedskirt goes with everything too.

The chocolate brown quilt is a more masculine color and has a geometric pattern. I’ve repeated the brown color around the room to keep the room grounded.
That leads me to my newest project.
I’ve been looking for some artwork to hang on the large empty wall above my husband’s dresser. Suddenly it occured to me that what he would love to look at the most is art that means something to him. We have four blessings that mean the WORLD to him. (I think I do too.)
I had some clearance frames that I found at Joann’s that were a hideous gold color. I spray painted them dark brown. I had pictures that I had taken of our kids and had them printed by Shutterfly in a sepia tone.
Then I got out the textured, paintable wallpaper that I bought at the Goodwill.

First, I tried antiquing it by dry-brushing on some brown paint. THAT DIDN’T WORK.

I spray painted the wallpaper with Heirloom White, then aged it with an almond color. I used a dry brush with VERY little paint on it to just highlight the details.


Wallpaper makes a great background/mat for pictures, doesn’t it? Of course, it helps to have GORGEOUS children…

Here’s a shot of them hanging above hubby’s dresser, along with a basket holding the manly clutter that he generates.

Another wall accessorized! I’m still looking for a headboard, and pondering what to do with the area where the TV now sits. Come back next week to check on my progress!

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45 thoughts on “Decor For the Man in Your Room

  1. What an awesome idea for the pictures! You already have gotten so much good out of that textured paper with that one idea.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe if I keep reading I’ll eventually hang someone on our blank walls….

  2. Okay, I do have one question. You sprayed the paper with Heritage White and then aged it with a lighter color. Did you apply that lighter color over only the design area or all over the entire paper? I tried to enlarge the picture to see a close-up but it wouldn’t enlarge so I couldn’t tell. Do you mind me asking about this detail?

  3. I have been wracking my brain trying to think of a way to mat some frames. Textured wallpaper! Were you reading my mind this week?? Thanks, Kimm. As always, you posted another fun and innovative idea! …Kathy @ A Little Pinch of This and That

  4. You have so many good ideas to share! I love that textured wallpaper. And the denim bedsirt was a great idea. I have been recently cleaning out and giving away, but I ran across my denim bedskirt and decided that it was a classic and I should keep it. Also, thanks for the idea of a sign…I like it. Would love to have a sign that said French Laundry….will have to think about creating one. Linda

  5. I love this idea! In fact, I have 2 frames I plan to makeover for my bathroom. Wish I had a tad of that wallpaper. Would be perfect! Thanks for the idea. Might have to keep an eye out for some now. Even the large sample sizes!

  6. kimm you are brilliant, i love reading all these great ideas. As for the bedroom, the chocolate brown is nice with the denim, and i do suppose we need to think about the men…lol actually i always love hubby and the kids approval when i do our rooms. It always means alot to me when they like it too.

  7. I have used the embossed paper for a lot of things, including the insets on on hopeless cabinet doors! I like your idea for using it as matting for pix. And you are certainly right about the gorgeous children!


  8. I have used the embossed paper for a lot of things, including the insets on on hopeless cabinet doors! I like your idea for using it as matting for pix. And you are certainly right about the gorgeous children!


  9. Hey Kimm – what a great idea and they came out great!! You do come up with the neatest things to do!!

    I’m trying to play catch up with everyone now – I’m finally feeling better – but feel like I’ve been gone for a month – not a week.

  10. I saw a comment you left on my friend’s blog so I thought I’d wander on over and check out your nest. I’m in love with what you did on the picture frames! I was actually looking for something to do with picture mats on my son’s first birthday pictures :)

  11. Hey Kimm. BSF uses it’s own materials. Basically, you answer questions on specific verses (right now we’re in Numbers), then you meet in a discussion group and discuss the questions (I meet on Monday evenings) then go and listen to the lecture. As you leave you get notes on the section you just studied, discussed and heard a lecture on and questions for the next week. It’s wonderful!

  12. What an inspired idea for artwork above a guy’s dresser. No flowers, no big-eyed cats! Just beautiful children, to make him smile.

    Love the manly basket, too. Nice!

  13. You have such great ideas. The wallpaper behind the pictures is perfect! My husband is color blind, so I make most of the decorating decisions here too.

  14. You did such a good job on both projects! I’m glad that my husband doesn’t mind how I decorate any of the rooms as long as I don’t have pink fuzzy rugs or anything…lol

  15. Okay, about 17 posts up I commented how I loved the mat idea. Well, I created a similar version with wrapping paper and when it came time to post a crafty blog about it, I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember who I got such a brilliant idea from. FINALLY – I’ve stumbled back to your blog and can finally link my crafty work to yours to give you the much needed appreciation :)
    Thank you!

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