Headboard Hullabaloo

A beautiful headboard elevates your bed to focal point status in your bedroom, drawing the eyes of all who enter.

IF you’re not too embarrassed to let others SEE your bedroom, that is.


Lots of couples, especially the ones with kids, let their rooms become a catch-all, or dumping ground for all of those items that don’t have a real home, and won’t fit on the kitchen counter or the dining room table.
BUT, we all deserve a bedroom that is a haven, and a getaway from the chaos that can exist in the rest of our homes. Who wants to retire to their “boudoir” at the end of a long day, only to be reminded of chores that still need to be done?

Okay, I feel better now. Could you tell that I was gettin’ the “GUILTIES” for spending money to redecorate my room? And that I was having trouble justifying the purchase of a HEADBOARD, no matter how frugal my choice was?

WHEW! Now that we’ve established that I NEED a headboard, it’s time to look for ideas.

I found LOTS at BHG.com, in an article titled Cheap and Chic Headboard Projects.

This is a bench cushion hung from a shelf! Perfect for the cottagey look.

An artist’s canvas covered in fabric. Very easy to change on a whim, or with the seasons.

I heart this screen. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to repeat the scroll pattern on my shelf brackets on the opposite wall?

I could LOVE an upholstered headboard, but is that too feminine?

What about painting one right on the wall?

I think this is my favorite. This was originally an unfinished door from the home improvement store. Some paint, sandpaper and a piece of trim for the top, and you’ve got some major architectural interest! I’m thinkin’ this would be the “man-pleasing” choice.

Which do you like best?

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34 thoughts on “Headboard Hullabaloo

  1. I think the top is my favorite. It’s quirky, but fun. Any of them would be a good option though!

    Our headboard is vintage and was handed down from my step grandparents. I love it. I have a weird thing about creeping up toward the headboard at night, so I have to have an upholstered one or I’ll wake up with knots on my head. Seriously!

    Anyway, mine can be seen in yesterdays’ post. I love it!

  2. OMG, love those headboards! We have sloped ceilings in our room, so haven’t been able to find a store-bought headboard that will work for us! Now I can try to make one! So glad I found your blog. I’m going to follow! I’m here to tell you you won a consellation prize over at my blog!

  3. I love these ideas, especially the door. I love your blog! I am always looking for ways to “reinvent” things I see at Goodwill and clearance sales!

  4. hi Kim ,thanks for coming by eh!…i love them all!,do you know i made my own headboard its so easy and if can do it so can you!!..i might post it later for you to see, its nothing special and it was my very first project so is not that well done but whos looking that close anyways..lol..have a great day..silvia.

  5. Cute ideas for headboards. I think I like the door and the bench cushion on the best. The cushion is such an inexpensive and creative way to make a headboard!

  6. I love the door, I think it’s just gorgeous. I also like the padded and I have one in my bdrm. Just a rectangle and no frills. It’s comfy and also still looks a little feminine and masculine. I agree that we do all deserve a little bit of calm in the bdrm. Hugs, Marty

  7. You set me on the bedroom redo. But first have to remove the storage stuff! Yes, I have it too. Still working on mine so not ready to post.
    Go for it! Girl, Candy

  8. Okay – I’m commenting before reading all the other comments so they don’t sway my vote! My fave is the first one with the bench cushion. However, the door is my 2nd fave. Love them all, though!

    And girl – you totally described what my bedroom has been for 5 years. I seriously need to work on it.

  9. I like the top one because it is different and I would love to see how you would put your “reinvented” touch on it, but I think the bottom one “looks” more like you and what you are after, IMO?!?!

    Good Luck and can’t wait to see what you decide on –

  10. The 1st and the last ones are my favorites!! I cannot wait to get my room done so I can show my “headboard”. Just a couple nails, that’s all I have left!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I laughed out loud reading your comment today. Copy away! Just be sure and give me ALL the credit. ;)

    Great headboard ideas! We plan on using an old door that is sitting in our basement as a headboard. If we ever get started on our room that is. Seems we keep having something come up and we can’t start it. Hmph.

  12. no way girl should you feel guilty, i completely agree, our bedrooms should be our sanctuary. Does not have to be elaborate, but as you said not a dumping ground of reminders of chores still to be done. Im still working on ours, pretty much everything has been done on budget, our headboard as you will see on my blog is a little odd but heck its rot iron and i bought it about 13 years ago, king size for 20 dollars at a liguidation centre, cant say i have seen it anywhere else (that could be a bad thing..lol) anyway, i like each headboard as they suit the rooms they are in, the canvas looks great but for me it wouldnt work well as i do lean against ours all the time. So if you are one to read in bed you may want to create or buy something you can lean against.

  13. The door is my favorite. Probably because it’s red. LOL We went a long time without a headboard, and when I look back at pictures, it looks so bare! Had I known then what I know now, I could’ve come up with something simple and cheap. I love headboards!

  14. Where can I buy a bench cushion like that? I think that will work for my platform bed in my shabby chic bedroom. I have a picture above the bed, but it needs a “headboard” so I won’t use the shelf you have but somehow have to hang the cushion up. I just need to know where to get an affordable, cute one! White or cream or safe would work.

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