Lamenting Laundry

What? You’ve never been to a decorating blog with morbid humor?? Well, SOOOORRRRY!

I’ve just discovered this blog, Organized Doodles. This guy, Rick is pretty good at drawing stuff.

So, anyway, I’ve got a sick kid at home today. My 9 year old daughter is the world’s biggest DRAMA QUEEN, so she’s not just sick, she’s DRAMATICALLY sick.

Why is it that even reasonably intelligent children can’t be taught how to puke IN the toilet?
I’m at home today doing LOTS of LAUNDRY.

A thankless task that has me lamenting the state of my laundry room/area. I do laundry in the basement. I could have a first floor laundry room, but I wanted a MUD ROOM, and the space was too small for both.

One of these days I’m going to devise an ingenius way to make a basement laundry room CUTE. Until then, I’m gonna dream about these:

OOHHH, the inspiration! One could actually ENJOY doing laundry in these spaces! Maybe.

Interested in updating your laundry space? Check out the fantastic laundry room art at Fulcrum Gallery.

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15 thoughts on “Lamenting Laundry

  1. Ooh, I choose the first one. (Are we voting?) I am currently planning my teeny laundry room makeover in my head, and this is it! Hey, thanks so much for commenting on my blog AND responding to my questions. You r-o-c-k!

  2. “Same Day Service…Do It Yourself!” Love that! I am going to have to remember that one for when the kids are old enough to do their own laundry!

    I hear you on laundry rooms. Mine is in the garage. And some braniac thought it would be efficient to have the dryer WAAAAAy over next to the garage door while the washer hookups are next to the kitchen door. So my laundry area looks like the Muir Space Station with all the dryer hosing (tubing..venting??)! But I love my washer and dryer. Front own personal laundromat! Just wish it was prettier with a LOT less spiderwebs…eeek!

  3. Hope your daughter gets to feeling better. Or at least stops puking.

    I LOVE looking at and dreaming about adorable laundry rooms. We have a mud/laundry room right now, but it’s hardly inspiring…

  4. Kimm, I have the same thankless job of laundry too. My laundry room is down in the basement, but you gave me an idea about making the laundry room a bit bigger and than expanding into a mudroom. I agree with you, it’s task that has to be done and you might as well have a great place to do such chore that will never go away!! I’m praying there are no laundry rooms in Heaven. LOL!!

  5. Sorry about the sick kid. My drama queen is a 14 year old boy. I feel so sorry for his future wife.

    My laundry is in the basement, and it is SCARY!

    Wendy :)

  6. Hello again Kimm (with 2 m’s). Thanks for posting the doodle, for the link, and the very kind words.

    Very sorry about your daughter and for the state of the laundry room.

    I like to brag that our laundry has a view of the ocean. Not many laundry rooms I know of have that.

    Be sure to tell me when you Copy & Share, because I like to come over and visit and see the action. It’s an ego thing.

    Thanks again.

  7. My laundry room is inside…not a window in it, narrow although if the heater and the hot water heater were not in there also, along with the litter box, it MIGHT be easier. Tried moving the litter box to the garage. Nope, DC (devil cat) just pooped behind the toilet in the downstairs bathroom…sigh.

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