Poetry and Paint

Who wants more DR. SEUSS???

Oh, come on, you know you do.
I am continually amazed by the POWER OF PAINT. Spray paint, of course, but also craft paint, chalkboard paint, glass paint, fabric paint…
It brings out the poet in me (okay, maybe not). Emily Dickenson is spinning in her grave.
You can paint in on a FRAME,
Or take a pillow to fab from LAME,

You can paint a cloth for under your FEET

Or write your name on your chair, how NEAT!

You can even paint a metal SEAT!

I’m always excited to find new ways to use the ultra cheap transforming power of paint. These are all projects I’ve yet to try, future projects to share! Have a fabulous day!
(all picture are from bhg.com)

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23 thoughts on “Poetry and Paint

  1. I’m thinking of spray painting them metal (I think that’s the material) patio set that I got for free. It’s forest green and I’d like to do it a tan color. You’ve inspired me.

  2. When you spray paint, so you use a sealant when you’re done? I have some kids furniture I’d like to transform, but I’m wondering if spray paint is too dangerous (table and chairs).

    I’d also like to redo my cheap-o dinette set. Do you think spray paint will work on that, too?

  3. Here at home, or on the loose.. one can NEVER have too much Seuss!

    Stopping by to thank you for the comment wub on my big SITS feature day.. THANKS

    and deary I PROMISE I’d never steer you into icky fishy tasting hair food.. TRY the anchovies.. I PROMISE you’ll be happy you did:-)

  4. Love all those photos but the last one is my favorite..so fresh!! Oh, how I adore paint…probably a close running to being my best friend!! :) Hope to see some of those projects soon~

  5. I learn something wonderful everytime I visit! I’ve always been such a wimp about paint…now I’m looking forward to buying some and playing! In fact, I plan to do some of that this weekend! You’re quite the inspiration, Kimm!

    You were one of the people I had in mind when I wrote today’s blog post. = )

    So glad I found your blog!

  6. Howdy
    Thank you for being the best blogging poet .
    I always drop in when I am feeling blue and before I know it the blues are gone
    and I ‘m fit to be around .
    Thank you for sharing your gift of words .
    The ideas of course are always priceless :)
    Big Hugs
    Blessings to you and yours
    Happy Trails

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