Saturday Shout-Outs, The Twilight Edition

It’s still Saturday, right? I’d better get a move on, because we move our clocks ahead an hour tonight here in Ohio, so it’ll be Sunday before I know it!

In my frequent travels around blog land, I am always SO impressed by the variety of projects. You wouldn’t believe the number of “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments I have.
Check out these awesome cakestands. They are made from “parts” you can find at Home Depot! Love the knome. Now, if only I could make the cakes…
The step-by-step instructions are here.
This has got to be one of the coolest thrift store makeovers I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s made from metal cookie tins!

Find the step-by-step for this from Kristen at We Are That Family. Love. this. blog. Some of you have been so kind as to tell me that I make you laugh. I consider that a great compliment, so thanks. But Kristen makes me sound like Dan Rather. Seriously.

This last idea is an organizational suggestion, a fabulous idea to reduce purse clutter. I’m getting ready to switch to my spring purse, a gorgeous apple green number that is WAY too small to hold all my stuff. But appearance is EVERYTHING, right?

This is one of those inexpensive little photo albums, personalized and used to hold receipts, business cards and any other small pieces of paper that end up in a wad in the bottom of your purse.

Find the directions at Simply Red.

Have a great first day of Daylight Savings time everyone! See you Monday! My engineer husband is drawing up plans for some shelving for our bedroom as we “speak!” I swear, that man has to draw up plans to change a lightbulb…

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