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Welcome to another Metamorphosis Monday, and the next step in the slow motion transformation of our master bedroom. We’re almost done, ya’ll!

What WILL I do on Mondays after this? Oh, heck, I’ll find something.

One of the challenges to designing a room, at least for me, is to avoid concentrating all the “design” on the focal point and spending less time and attention on the rest of the room. To avoid a “lopsided” look, I like to repeat the colors and pattern used in the focal point area around the room. This is an easy way to achieve a finished look.

This weekend we worked on the wall opposite the bed.

This is the short wall in between the closet door and the door that enters our room from the hall. I just framed up a piece of the curtain fabric, using a frame identical to those I used last week to frame the kids’ picture above hubby’s dresser. Repeats the pattern on the opposite wall, see? For no additional money.

The next project wasn’t so FREE. Remember this wall?

I thought I’d bring out the UGLY again, you know, to make the AFTER look better.

I put the Dyson away, although, I think it’s beautiful enough to be out all the time. And…

I didn’t like how short the TV and cabinet looked on this tall wall, so I wanted to fill in the empty space, and have some more display space. Now, obviously, this isn’t finished, ‘cuz there’s nothing displayed! The shelves are made out of MDF, that I primed and painted. My SWEET husband hung them TODAY. So, that’s why there’s no accesssories on them yet. I had to see them up before I could consider the accessories, so I’m still thinkin’.

Here’s a little better view of the brackets.

I repeated the dark brown color in the brackets, but kept the shelves a lighter brown to blend with the cabinet and the dressers. Can you guess what next week’s goals are? Yep, accessories. And the search for a headboard continues…

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I’ll announce the winner of my first giveaway tomorrow!

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18 thoughts on “Spread The Love

  1. Oh the room is coming right along. I have one of those same taking forever projects in redoing the familyroom. One day it will all be done and as you say, then what. The room looks gorgeous so far, can’t wait to see the finished project. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love the framed fabric idea! Great shelves too – I had to ask my husband what MDF was – now you’ve got me mentally going through my house, deciding where I could build me some shelves!!

  3. I really like displaying things on shelves instead of surfaces. Your hubby did a great job! Can’t wait to see what all kind of goodies you put up there. :)

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