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Good Friday morning to all. I had to chuckle in the midst of my excitement last night when I read about Lindsay’s $5 Challenge (see yesterday’s post for more info.), because all day yesterday while taking care of sick people, I kept thinking of ideas to “springify” my house without spending any money. I don’t know, something about vomit and narcotics makes me dream of bunnies and Easter eggs.

So…I have been working like a madwoman last night and this morning to bring my ideas to reality. One of these days I’m going to have posts written and scheduled in advance, but for now, I’m still flyin’ by the seat of my paintbrush.
On that note, I’ll start with the painted stuff. Did you know that spray paint doesn’t come off your fingers?

My overall color scheme in my great room is gold with red and black. I wasn’t sure how to lighten up this look without there being too much contrast between the usual decor and the new spring stuff. I decided to add some “Heirloom White” (on of my favorite Rustoleum colors) and a little aqua. I have noticed red and aqua together in home decor lately and loved the combo. There is also some aqua in the rug in my family room, and in the scrapbook paper art above my sofa. Look here to see that.

I started with this:

Maybe I should have saved this one for a Trash to Treasure Tuesday post, because it sure is trashy. After a beatdown with Heirloom White spray paint and some stencils, now she looks like this on my mantle.

Just in case you’re thinking I must have gone out and bought some aqua paint, I mixed some of the leftover apple green paint from my dining room, and some blue craft paint that I had to get this color. Love it.

My apothecary jars were filled with kosher salt “snow” and wooden snow flakes, now they look like this:

Those are plastic eggs from last year’s Easter egg hunt. I spray painted them, then sponged on some of the aqua. A dusting of Expresso Brown spray paint finished them off.

I had this pillow in the closet, and some plain plates that I had bought awhile back on clearance at Meijer. ($2.60 for 4!) I used the same stencil and aqua paint.

I changed a wall in my kitchen from this:

To this:

Just kidding. Those outdated items above now look like this:

Now, I’m out of Heirloom White spray paint. Since this is a zero budget update, I can’t go buy more, so my last two ideas are unaltered rearrangements.

Display your food. As more fruits and vegetables come into season, I love to use them in my decor.

These pears are naturally the color of spring, so no spray paint needed! I set the bowl on top of some gardening books on my kitchen table. Maybe they’ll inspire some outdoor planning!

Last, but not least, I switched out some wintery decor in my foyer from this (fabulous snowman prints from an Ohio artist):

To this (fabulous still lifes from my uber-talented children):

There you go! Spring updates for your decor that cost absolutely nothing! I’m sure you’ve got some things stored away that you could update and use to “springify” your house without spending a dime. Now, I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to spend those 50 dimes for Lindsay’s challenge!

Now I’ve also linked to the fabulous Decorating Spring Fling at The Decorating Voice.org! Click on the button to visit, link up your post and enter to win an I-pod!

Decorating Spring Fling

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40 thoughts on “Spring Free

  1. I love this so much that I can’t even stand it. That umbrella stand (is that what it was?) to your mantle piece is wonderful!!

    You totally stole my plastic Easter egg idea. Are you actually in my brain? LOL Great minds think alike!

  2. What a difference in the tranformation of winter to Spring!
    Very nice…and very affordable!
    After the challenge are you going to go out and buy some more spray paint?

  3. These are GREAT! I may just have to stop at the dollar store and get myself some eggs for spring decorating. I’ve been thinking about doing that for some other projects, now you’ve inspired me further.

    I’ve been looking for things to put in my various glass jars. LOVE THE EGGS!

  4. Kimm, I always love it when we take what we have and reinvent a way to redecorate with it. The childrens prints are SUPER and another favorite of mine. One of my favorite areas in my kitchen are three photos I framed of each of my children baking…they are anywhere from 4-10 in the pics and they are now in their 20’s & 30’s and I still have them on my kitchen wall…It brings great memories back. Hey, I’m having a REAL shopping spree today where folks can call the shop owner and buy something. Some items (This is a consignment shop that ships) are 1/2 price for the consignment price too… Come on over and check it out., spread the word too. ;) ~CC Catherine

  5. Oh my goodness, Kim, I love it all! Everything looks so great!

    And I had a chuckle with that joke. I was like “um…..” :)

    I love the “new” ones!

  6. Love the aqua and red! You made me laugh, though. I was trying to be charitable over your choice of pictures to switch out in your kitchen, then I scrolled down and saw you totally changed them. :) It looks great. Fun challenge.

  7. I love all your free spring updates — very creative and pretty :-) The framed colourful pictures that your kids made are my favourite. I’m sure they’re thrilled that their handiwork is on display :-)

    Nice work!! :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  8. As usual, great ideas! I was planning to get some off-white spray paint for a neat frame from GW…Heirloom White sounds perfect. I’ll post my results next week. Thanks, Kimm! …Kathy@ A Little Pinch…

  9. Lots of lovely ideas, and how lovely of you to share them!

    Eggs — like them a lot. And I may have to go get myself a can of Heirloom White for some projects here at That Old House.

    Best — Cass

  10. Oh,what clever ideas. Now I need to dig out some apothecary jars. By the way
    Goo Gone and a nail brush will remove spray paint from your fingers and hands.

  11. oh my gosh you totally make me laugh, i so love reading your blog…lol and i really love your spring changes, isnt it fun…i have added spring touches, i still have a bird to paint and i have decluttered the living room to almost emptiness…lol hubby is afraid one day he will come home and the sofa will be gone. Actually i think it feels so good to just not have so many things, but everyone ask how it can get amymore simple but i always find away. Enjoy your new spring look, its awesome and you are one creative lady.

  12. I love your changes! And you got me when you posted the picture with the country hearts. I started to frown and then read that you were just kidding. Phew!

  13. Visiting from SITS, and I’m so glad I did!!!

    I love the idea of starting over each spring, especially on a budget!

    Thanks for the ideas!!!

  14. Hey, hit your local dump and see if they recycle chemicals and paints. I scored several cans of black and white paints, 3 of clear gloss…I’m excited. An almost full tube of Liquid Nails (as in used a smidge of it) and a can of blue paint that I might pour a bunch of white paint in to and see the color! I want a pale blue.

  15. Oh I love all of your changes. I’ve been trying to do the same thing and lighten up my home a little and bring a lot of spring in. Great ideas. Hugs, Marty

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