Trash to Treasure Tuesday-The Frugal Storage Edition

Those of you who have been reading my blog from Day One remember this:

Yeah, okay, well I remember this. My first post was about repurposing glass food jars into attractive storage containers. I used spaghetti sauce and applesauce jars, glued or tied on labels, and spray painted the lids. The original contents of these jars are long gone, and they’ve been refilled at least once, so I guess they’re CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE too.

Okay, now you’re caught up.

We love Italian food around here, and though I TRY to make homemade sauce, I’ll admit there were a few empty Ragu jars lying around.

A little swipe of the ultra HOT chalkboard paint and now they look like this:

Now, food storage ain’t all they’re good for. I’m thinkin’ buttons, ribbons, seashells…

And toothpaste. That’s what the one in the middle is for. My kids don’t have drawers in their bathroom, so I need something to hold three different flavors of toothpaste. ‘Cuz there’s no way they’ll EVER all like the same flavor at the same time, that’s why.

I also slapped a little chalkboard paint on an ugly plate. After I had spray painted it and added the polka dots, that is.

I wrote down something I could use a little more of these days. Oh! and we’re out of bread.

Next week I’m going to TRY and figure out Mr. Linky, so get your Trash to Treasure projects ready to share! We’ll have us a TRASHY PARTY!

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40 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday-The Frugal Storage Edition

  1. Glad you showed those jars again…I actually already saved one jar since last week for just this purpose. = ) The idea of the chalkboard paint is oustandingly creative! Love the plate, too!
    Thanks for the great tips, today!

  2. I was just sitting here trying to think of some way to label my new jars I bought for my pantry. I’m going to do the chalkboard paint. Don’t know when I will get around to it, but I am doing it.

    Wendy :)

  3. This is the idea that got me reading your blog (from when I found it on Tip Junkie). I loved the idea of using more of these jars for embellishments. And I love the plate transformation!!

    Great idea for a Trash to Treasure linky party. I’m actually working on a little something right now, so maybe I’ll save it to share for next Tuesday. ;)

  4. I love both those ideas!

    I’ve never tried chalkboard paint before but other than that I am the spray paint queen. And I am ALL about the free storage solutions.

  5. Great idea.. Can’t wait to work on a project similar. I have the chalkboard paint and we always have glass pasta jars we use. Great re purposing!

  6. What a great use for the chalk board paint!
    I will start saving my glass jars…since we don’t recycle glass in our area, yet, they have just been going into the trash…and I have never felt good about that.

  7. I wash and re-use jars, but I haven’t been making cute labels…I will now. The chalkboard paint is a GREAT IDEA! My goodness, you are creative! Linda

  8. I am just CRAZY about chalkboard paint!! I did a chalkboard in an old frame that I like and now I wanna do some jars..Yours are so cute!
    xo bj

  9. Hey everyone! Thanks for all of your sweet comments.
    I wanted to reply to Molly and anyone else looking for Heirloom White spray paint. It’s a Rustoleum color, I’ve bought it at Home Depot and Meijer. I hope you’ve all had a great day!

  10. I looooove the chalkboard paint on the jars – genius!!! That plate is adorable, too. Thanks for the fabulous ideas – AGAIN!!! Oooh, and I can’t wait for the trashy party. Woohoo!

  11. Love the jars, I might have to try those out. And you left a question on my blog about getting companies to do reviews/giveaways. I search the net for companies whose products I like or would like to try and contact them, some say no, but quite a few say yes as well.

  12. You asked as question on my blog and the answer is yes. I love seeing people share my little doodles, but just the ones that are labeled “Copy & Share If You Dare.” It’s my little shitck that I do with my blog.

    I hope your daughter feels better soon. (Are those buzzards I see circling over your house?)

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