Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! 60 degrees and sunshine AGAIN in central Ohio. We just don’t get weather like this in Ohio in March, y’all, we just DON’T.

I can say “y’all” because it’s 60 degrees. And because it’s fun to type.

You all know that I have a well established and well documented love of other people’s TRASH.

This sorta explains why I didn’t link up to the FABULOUS Toile Party at Pretty Organized Palace today, that you really should check out.

Because people generally don’t throw away toile, that’s why. Or donate it to the Goodwill.

And the other reason is,
Come here,
Lean in close, ‘cuz I have a secret,
I don’t have any toile in my house.

I’ve always thought that toile was too formal for my casual style, but I’ve seen so many great ideas, I may have to adjust that thought and add some.

So…on to the things that people DO throw away. I find the most fabulous frames at the Goodwill store. Thick, chunky looking, real wood frames.

Remember these?

The pretty mamma on the left is today’s Trash to Treasure Project. My kids broke the glass while shooting each other with Nerf guns, so I thought this frame would make a fabulous message board.

You’ll never guess what color I painted the frame!

Oh shoot, you guessed it.

I attached the fabric to a piece of foam core board with spray adhesive on the front, and a glue gun on the back. My little Target birdie wanted to check it out while he perched on his thrift store candlestick.

This could be hung on a wall with the original hardware, or I think it would be equally cute on a countertop.

On more thing before I attempt to make nice with Mr. Linky. While blog surfing today, I found the Junk Mammas. Maybe you already know them, but I was thrilled to make their acquaintance. Their blog header says “Live Well, Laugh Often, Junk Much.” Isn’t that awesome? Why, if it wasn’t already taken, that would become my life’s motto.

Got a Trash to Treasure to share? Link up!

Hey! I also linked this post to the party hosed by Jen at Sanctuary Arts at Home! Check it out, I linked my party to hers!

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25 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday

  1. Well, I’ve already linked to you in my post today because I totally stole your jar storage idea. I thought the least I could do was give you credit. :) Since it’s actually trash to treasure, I think I’ll link up!

  2. No wonder I haven’t found any toile at GW! You mean people don’t give it away??? LOL I’ll keep looking, though. You just never know! I need to find a trash to treasure item so I can post it. Hmmm…that just might be my project this afternoon! I love that board. Love it!


  3. I don’t have any toile in my house either. But I do want some.

    I so wish I could join your party, but our good will has NOTHING! Maybe I just don’t know how to spot the good stuff.

  4. I’m hoping to have a Trash to Treasure for next week. Technically it’s done, I just need to find a spot to put it and take a picture.

    I’ll add it to my “to do” list.


  5. I love this message board! How do you make such fabulous things?? I’m linking up my very small trash to treasure, but I’m proud of it nonetheless!! I continue to be inspired by your transformations…like your headboard??!! Oh my goodness…how do you do it? I love how it turned out and you should be very proud of her accomplishment in your bedroom re-do.

  6. GET OUT! You’re in Ohio too! I had no idea!! How fun.

    I am SOOO excited about this feature. I could post something every week if you do this. I have so many fun projects sitting around…this is super!

    I am going to link the same projects I did on the spray paint party yesterday, if that’s okay. Those are the most recent projects…But I will definitely have something else next time! :)

    SOOO excited to have found your blog!

  7. Over the past year I’ve developed a love for toile and have a little in my house. YEARS ago it used to be just for grandmotherly type ladies houses but it’s gotten new and fresh and in a lot of colors!

    LOVE you re-do’s…..and hope to join up on the fun one of these weeks!

  8. Wow! That message board is beautiful! Glad to know I’m not the only one with no toile in my house! ; ) I had to smile because even as a new reader to your blog, I knew exactly what color you were referring to…Heirloom White, right? LOL I’m going to have to get a can of that just so I can play!

    Great job! Thanks for sharing. Off to check out the other links!

  9. Wow! You are awesome! I love foam core boards, paint, and trash! Your trash to treasure turned out awesome! I don’t think I’ve really used fabric on a lot of stuff, but I keep seeing people using it and I’ve been loving what they are coming up with! I just might have to give it a go! Did you just turn the seams under and hot glue it, or what? I loved it. Oh, and…I don’t own toile either. I also think it might be quite a bit more formal than I am.

  10. another great project, just from your blog im going to have a list of to dos a mile long…lol and thank you for letting me in on your favorite white, i hope i can get it here in canada

  11. You don’t have any toile in your house????? No – you may not have my toile bench! As much as I would love for you to have some toile, I just can’t part with it!

    Love the new frame project! Cute as always and probably an idea I’ll steal. My trash to treasure projects are still in the works, so I have nothing to share yet. Soon, though!

  12. I am in awe of your…awesomeness.

    So, more questions: What is foam core board and where do I buy it?

    And what brand of spray paint makes Heirloom White?

    Finally, will you PLEASE come to my house and help me out??

  13. I love toile but currently don’t have any in my house. Well, unless you count the king size comforter, pillows, and pillow shams that are currently in my closet! I got them as wedding gifts and used them for about 4 years. I then became sick of them and they are living in the closet! I plan on ‘reinventing’ them at some point!

    Also, I wouldn’t be a true Southerner (from Atlanta) if I didn’t show you how to spell y’all! It is a contraction for ‘you all’! Tee hee!

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