Trash to Treasure

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Trash to Treasure Tuesday.

The one where I ONCE AGAIN forget to take a BEFORE picture.

Just picture wooden wall candle sconces with a dark stain and glossy varnish.
Got it?

Okay, after a good sanding, a coat of Heirloom White, some Mod Podge and scrapbook paper:

I thought that burning candles close to paper would be a NO-NO, so I painted some plastic eggs to perch here.

Here’s one on the wall.

I know, now I need to paint those frames and the shelf, they just don’t mesh with my “lightened up” decor. The projects are never ending aren’t they?

I’m participating in Mod Podge Mania at This is the Year. Check out the projects!

Okay, everyone, let’s see those linkies!

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32 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure

  1. I love them! I especially love the eggs instead of candles idea!

    Thanks for coming to my party, and letting me join yours!

    I added your link to my post as well!


  2. They look SO nice! And I can totally picture the before – because I’d had several scary pieces like that – dark, glossy and….70’s.

    Okay I may be not quite on track with my submission because it was LITERALLY trash before I made it into something useful.

  3. I seriously think my parents have something like this…with the original brown, of course. These turned out so cute and modern and fresh! I can’t wait to visit them next time to see if I can hunt these down! haha!

    And when you mentioned the “idiotic fluid” on my blog…I immediately thought of the several patients and their families that I’ve had who refer to their telementry monitors as “telepathic monitors.” If that was the case, I’m sure they could see me snickering on the inside! Ha!!

  4. I really do not think “scrapbook paper” enough. Glad you put it back on the radar! That looks terrific and really updates those sconces.

  5. Love it!! Super cute, super creative! Of course it is…it’s Kimm! ;)

    I’m here for the party, so I linked up a little trash to treasure of my own. Thanks for hosting this each week. It inspires me to create some fun things!

  6. oh my what a fab idea. I have to ask…Girl how do you come up with so many fantastic ideas when most times i sit with a blank stare…lol

  7. What a great idea! My mom probably has some sconces like these stored somewhere. I need to find them and transform them into something fab like you did!

  8. Back again to be inspired Thanks again for letting us join in the fun here and stopping by us as well!! This has been great- so many fabulous ideas and re-dos!!
    kari & kijsa

  9. I am copying this sconce idea! Love it! My Mom gave me a pair of old ones last summer that I’ve had hiding under my bed trying to figure out what to do with.

    If you WOULD want to burn candles – get yourself some glass hurricanes to put on. Mine come with the glass, so I plan on using candles in mine after I refinish.

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