When Only New Will Do–A Great Deal!

Since this is a budget decorating blog and all, I feel that it’s my blogging duty to let ya’ll know when I find a good deal that we can ALL take advantage of!

Especially when it’s NOT at the Goodwill.

The Company Store has a fabulous home decor sale going on right now.

I ordered two of these linen pillows for 50% off! They are actual removable linen pillow covers and the inserts are included. I LOVE a chance to buy quality at a reasonable price.

Just in case you’re wondering, I bought the blue one and the “natural” one next to it for my “springified” family room. I may experiment with applique, fabric paint, or iron on transfer to jazz them up. Well, I’ll actually do the experimenting part on something else, ‘cuz I’ve been known to ruin some nice fabric before…

By the way, The Company Store has no idea I wrote this, so they’re not paying me or anything, although that sounds fun! I’m just Hooked on Great Deals! Check out the other great Hooked on Friday posts at Hooked on Houses.

Thanks to all for your kind comments about the drama queen and her illness. The puking has ceased, but the fever lingers.

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15 thoughts on “When Only New Will Do–A Great Deal!

  1. I was just checking out The Company Store earlier today in my infamous rug search…I love their stuff! Those pillows seem like a great bargain! Thanks for the idea about painting a rug, too…I have never thought about it and now I am going to have to consider it…great idea! :)

  2. Hi Kimm! My first visit to your fantastic blog via Fifi Flowers!!! I’m so glad to have found you! I am also one of those 1200+ people who loves white dishes! but I just started collecting them after years of longing!!!lol I’ll be back often and am adding you to my blog roll!!! Have a great weekend – Sincerely, Jeannette

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