Whiten Up!

Welcome to Friday, ya’ll. Although each week seems to get away from me so quickly, we don’t seem to be getting closer to spring around here.

As far as I know, the earth is still orbiting the sun, so eventually we’ll get there, right?

Today I’m waxing poetic about white dishes. I’m sure I’m about the 1,235th person to LOVE white dishes, but since Country Living magazine thought it appropriate to bring up this month (see above pic),


Roses are red
Violets are blue,
I love white dishes
They’re such a versatile hue.

(I’m tellin’ ya, spring fever has made me delirious.)

I have this basic white set from Target. I love the simple, kind of diner-like style. I don’t have many serving pieces, so I’m on the look-out for those.

Sometimes I dress them up with Grandma’s red dishes.

You can hang them on a WALL

Or you can paint them blue YA’LL!

You can perch on them a bird DIVINE

Or keep them handy for cheese and WINE.

Help! I can’t get Dr. Suessisms out of my head! Maybe I should just go to bed…

Please check out other Hooked on Friday posts at Hooked on Houses. And I won’t blame you if you never darken my doorstep again…

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30 thoughts on “Whiten Up!

  1. I am probably the last person in the world to really get interested in white dishes. I use to think they were not very interesting and so plain and all of a sudden I can’t seem to find enough and I love all the different designs that everyone is doing with white. Love it and my GW is just so full of the most wonderful white dish finds. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love my white dishes from Williams Sonoma. Unlike a lot of pattern-y plates that often catch my eye, I know I’ll never tire of the white. I need to buy more though, before WS goes under.

  3. Your poems are cute :-)

    The more pictures I see of white rooms and white decor items, the more I’m liking white. I’ll always be a colour girl, but I’m growing to appreaciate the versatility and crispness of white — like how you mix your white dishes look with your grandma’s red dishes :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. You can never go wrong with white dishes…they go with everything! I have lots of patterned salad plates that I love to mix with my white dishes.

  5. I’m in love with white too!
    It’s goes with everything and anything!
    And they don’t even have to be the same pattern…mix all the white together!!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Meant to say that I have a set of Mikasa’s French Countryside. Wish that I had registered for those all those years ago instead of china. Love them–they are timeless and can be changed up so beautifully.

  7. I love white dishes too (not that I cook or use them) but love them nonetheless, and I am really addicted to pretty linens, again, not that I cook or use them, but on the off chance that I do occasionally set the table, I have them!!

    Have a good weekend ~

  8. Hey, Kimm, did you know Menards has your spray paint ON SALE for $2.50?? I bought 4 cans of Heirloom White – thanks for your endorsement!! I’ll be posting my projects with it soon. I’ve always loved white dishes, too. Great post! ~Kathy

  9. Love the white dishes!! I used to be one of the “why have white instead of fun color and prints” people but I am coming over to the white side.”:-)

  10. Love the poem, very cute. My fave is the pedestal dish with the bird. We registered for all white china before our wedding and I’ve been collecting white dishes ever since. They look so sharp if you pair them with a bold color/napkins/placemats. I love them mucho! Fun little piece you’ve posted here!

  11. How funny, we must be kindred spirits, we were on the same page yesterday!!!! I love it!

    I love the picture below of the pink paisley headboard. We have that light green gingham from Pottery Barn Kids in our nursery and that made me think I can still use it in a grown up room when the babies are done with it. Yea for new ideas!!!

  12. I always write poetry in a delirium, lol!

    I love white dishes. When I was in college I started collecting a set from Target. And right now all of my indoor plants are in white or cream pots so that the splash of green from them really pops!

  13. When I first moved out on my own, I had only black dishes. I loved those, but they were stoneware and my (clumsy) husband managed to drop a lot of them and break them. We’ve since switched to white Correlle. They are lovely, too. I like both. :)

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