Creatively Covered Cast-offs

Remember that Top Ten List of Garage Sale and Thrift Store Finds?

Well, these trays are #11, or at least they will be when I find some. Plain old storage trays covered in wallpaper (hmmm, textured wallpaper?), scrapbook paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, fabric… OOOH the possibilities.

Find the instructions here, at DIY

Would you believe I’ve been sitting here for over FIVE minutes trying to think of something that rhymes with PAPER? You know, for one of my famous poems…

I think I’ll just go to bed now. You’re welcome.

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22 thoughts on “Creatively Covered Cast-offs

  1. I happen to like your poems, actually, and this is a darling idea. I actually do have a few little trays laying around! I’m going to hunt around in the garage first thing tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Great idea, I love the idea of Vintage wall paper covered trays, ok wait, not that ugly 1970’s stuff though! HA! What does rhyme with paper?

  3. LOVE.THOSE.TRAYS….and whatever they are covered in is divine! Do you have a shopping guide for those loverly papers? Get on it Kimm…sheesh!

    BTW, good luck on SAt. That is soooooo exciting…I’m so proud! You’ll be great, as always!

    Hugs ~ Amanda

  4. I have an old tin 70’s looking tray that my mom gave me. It was in my Grandmother’s house when she passed. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. Maybe I’ll try something like this for Makeover Monday.

  5. Those are nice trays. When I think of wallpaper, I think of scraper because that’s what we used to get rid of the wallpaper all over our last house. There was even a border on the ceiling in the bedroom! Those trays are a much better use of wallpaper and much prettier paper too.

  6. What a great idea about the trays. I kknow what you mean about sitting and waiting for ideas to come for writing these posts.

    It seems I now think about blog ideas all the time!


  7. I could just kick myself. I found a set of 3 of these wooden trays, brand new, unfinished. $5 or $8 at the DI…can’t remember.

    Did I get them? A big fat no! It was between them and a trunk. I picked the trunk and am now having buyers remorse!

    Does this ever happen to you?

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