Curiously Clever Containers

Any container gardeners out there? Can I see a show of hands? Oops, guess that won’t work, will it?

I prefer to garden in containers. I live in the land of clay soil, so the only plants that go in the ground are planted by my gardener/husband, the guy with the strong arms and BIG shovel.

I’ve shared a few of my ideas for containers with personality.

Believe it or not, there are GOOD IDEAS out there in the world that aren’t MINE. Lots of them, actually.

Here are a few more frugal but clever container ideas.This is a thrift store light fixture turned upside down and filled with potting soil. Cool, huh?

How many of these have you seen at the dollar store? No drainage problems here. And it’s PORTABLE. Just move the plants wherever the party happens to be!

I love the look of these galvanized buckets. Find them at home stores or garage sales.

An old tool box? Adorable, and available at antique stores and flea markets.

More buckets, but this time as a window “box”! Now, if only I can get the guy with the shovel to drill holes in the house to hang them. Probably NOT gonna happen.

Basil planted in a discarded tea kettle? How perfect for a kitchen garden!

I’d love to hear your ideas for clever containers! Share them in the comments.

Don’t forget tomorrow is Trash to Treasure Tuesday. Get those projects ready to share!

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18 thoughts on “Curiously Clever Containers

  1. Your decorated pots are so classy and gorgeous!

    I’m liking those buckets with the decorative grasses too.

    I once had an entire herb garden in terra cotta pots – it was great!

  2. Love all the pots, I use old wooden tool boxes and my flowers either love it or hate, I line the tool box with peat moss firs to help keep the soil in place! I have also used old sap buckets, I have four in my garden right now ad they rust and age perfectly, you can also paint them different colors! Cute post!

  3. Great ideas for containers. I just bought an inexpensive wooden thingy today shaped similar to a toolbox at a thrift store. I’m going to paint it, maybe stencil it, and then add small herb pots inside. I think it will be adorable when I’m finished. I’ll do before and after photos on my blog. ♥

  4. OOOH! I LOVE those ideas! So awesome!!!

    And I am SO excited to see the trash to treasure post tomorrow. I TOTALLY look forward to Tuesday for that reason! :)

  5. These are such great suggestions! I’m ashamed to say that I don’t have any “containerized” gardening going on right now!

    I’ve always wanted to though…just not confident enough that I could make it look good. You have inspired me to try though!


  6. Hmm… the only really interesting thing I’ve planted in is an old picnic basket which I have sitting on an old picnic table that is out in the woods on the edge of our property. The picnic table has moss growing on it and looks pretty cool, but is unusable, so I put some old bird and squirrel feeders on it and grouped them with the old picnic basket which I plant with flowers later in the Spring. It is still too cold in NY to plant! I will show it after I plant it.

  7. love what you have done with your pots and thank you for sharing some other wonderful ideas. I cant kneel to plant a garden in the ground so i just may have to use these wonderful ideas.

  8. The spray paints for plastic have come a long way. I’ve used 5-gallon plastic buckets for years with good results.

    Wheeled garbage cans for small to medium trees. I knew we were going to move and didn’t want to have to drag the trees around so I splurged for the wheeled garbage can. :)

    My favorite was probably the tea cart I found on the curb. I love it. It was well-draining thin steel with cut-outs all over it. Cocoa liner held the soil in but let the water drain out. The bottom tray held smaller shade plants while sun-lovers got the top tray. Since we’ve moved I haven’t set it back up; I kind of want to use the tea cart as something else now, I’m just not sure yet exactly what.

    I’ve also used teapots as containers, coffee pots, saucers, vases. Container gardening is so much easier on that kind of scale–no heavy lifting, no bending over to check on it, you know it’s great soil because you put it in there. It seems a little more personal than putting it into the ground, at least at this stage for me.

    Green (plant life) is good. Except privet! and poison ivy.

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