Does This Blog Make Me Look Green?


This whole EARTH DAY thing has got me thinkin’. Sorry, I’m sure that the smoke coming out of my ears is SO not helping.

Many of the people I’ve met in this blogging journey have commented on the fact that reinventing helps, or at least doesn’t harm the environment. I have to admit, this was NOT my original intent, to have a GREEN blog.

I’m still pretty sure that knowledgeable environmentalists would NOT consider this a green blog, you know, the whole SPRAY PAINT thing and all. But I do think that reusing, or UPCYCLING home decor items not only saves us money, it saves space in landfills, and maybe a little bit saves some of the pollution caused by making new stuff.

What do you think? How green are you?

How green am I, you ask? (oh sure, turn the question around to me!) Well.. we recycle everything that we can, and are pretty proud of the fact that we only put out 1-2 bags of trash each week for a family of 6. But if we started composting, and stopped with the disposable napkins and paper towels, we could do even better.

I carry reusable shopping bags everywhere I go, something I know that millions do. I still forget them sometimes, so I could do better.

We use CFL light bulbs, although I don’t think they put out as much light as the old kind. I was thrilled to find out recently that CFL’s can be recycled at Home Depot. Sometimes I go with the old standard when I think I HAVE to have better light, so I could do better.

I do use non-toxic cleaning products, and LOVE that I can make my kids clean without worrying about what they’re inhaling!! But I still get out the bleach myself sometimes, so I could do better.

Can you tell I’ve been feeling the nudge to do more? My way of thinking is changing. I honestly think twice now before writing something off as useless, or throwing it away. And not just the decorative stuff either.

Any suggestions?

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17 thoughts on “Does This Blog Make Me Look Green?

  1. Kimm, every litte bit helps, and I think you are doing a great job!! I love the idea of recycling and using vintage items, even clothes in daily life! Happy Earth Day!!

  2. what a great site! so many grand ideas!…please drop by and see my page…I’m so new and check daily to see if anyone has dropped far no visits..I’m feeling a bit lonely.

  3. Baths!!! Big hot baths, so filled with water. I don’t use soap while relaxing in the tub. No salts or bubbles nothing. After, I don’t always do this, I get a bucket and take numerous trips to the great outdoors to water the plants. I dress first of course. I can and need to do more.

  4. I hate hate hate the “waste management” company in our area. No recycling. They claim they sort it out at the land fill. B.S. they do.
    We try to take part in weekly school recycling drives. I recycle the plastic grocery bags I invariably end up with (even while using the green totes..) we try not to run our AC, turn off extra lights, etc. We have a long long long way to go before we can even be in the neighborhood of green.

  5. So it all started when I googled “repurpose entertainment center” and eventually wound up here. I LOVE your blog.

    Problem is it has reawakened the garage sale-packrat-grand scheming junk queen that I had managed to successfully squelch for the past few years.

    So now in the last 2 weeks, I’ve hauled home a toy box that is already perfect, an office chair to recover for my sewing machine, and a wing chair that I intend to recover (only $5 and sooo clean – nevermind that I’ve never done it before). Today in a mere 1 hour lunch, I found a wonderful shop and am now the owner of 2 heart shaped boxes, $2 for the set(perfect for recovering with my wallpaper book stash and decorating with quilling) 2 awesome wooden boxes with hinged lids, $3 each and 2 cute as a bug suitcases that are just crying out for transformation.

    I’m excited and happy and my creativity has been reawakened. Thank you for your wonderful blog, keep posting greaaaaat ideas and maybe I’ll even figure out how to do the pic thing and send a couple!

  6. When I visited our local deli and saw a guy bring his own containers for food, I cringed thinking he was ‘out there.’ Today, I get it.

    Just say no to the styrofoam wherever you can. I ask for the waxy bags the deli offers instead.

    I think this repurposing thing has such a massive market because of how frugal it is moreso. Labeling it green is simply another good reason to do it.

    This year I cannot afford to fertilize all my flowerbeds. Instead, I’ll be digging deep into my massive compost to feed the beds instead. There’s a whole lotta lawn clippings from last year that has offered pure chocolate gold for my plants so it’s time to utilize it!


  7. Remember we can’t do it all! You’ve got great steps in place…

    I think you have motivated so many of “us” out there to think twice about throwing something away “just because”. Do what you can without feeling guilty about what you’re not doing.

  8. I think you are doing just fine…personally don’t paper towels biodegrade just fine? I fluctuate with that one :) Buy they recycled product…costs much more???
    I am all about being green but we also need to be reasonable.
    Happy Earth Day

  9. kim, i think you are doing a fantastic job. We also recycle anything that is not suppose to be in the garbage. If i dont have use for things around the house, i never dispose of them, from clothing to household items, i give them to someone that can make use. We have also done away with all harsh cleaners.

  10. I am finding that I try to re-use more and more, recycling items in my decorating. I really love your blog because we are kind of on the same wave-length with decorating styles.

    I’ve missed you over at The Project. :)

  11. I’d say I am just about as green as you. One thing I can claim is that I live in an apartment so my footprint and my square footage is smaller…than I would like. Did I just say that on Earth Day? Dear me!

  12. It is true that every little bit helps! :) We recycle, we compost, we use the good light bulbs and only as much electricity as necessary, we use cloth bags most of the time and when we do use plastic we recycle it, we use mostly green cleaners, etc.. I know we are far from perfect but I think we do an okay job.

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