A Feature! A Feature! A TCB Feature!

OMG, OMG, OMG. I was just surfin’ around, like I always do on Mondays, and I stopped by Today’s Creative Blog.


I am completely honored to be today’s FEATURED BLOG. My heart is still pounding from the excitement of discovery. (does this count as aerobic exercise? I’m thinkin’ YEAH)

Go check out all of the great features that Kim writes. But if you find something really cool, don’t abandon me, okay?

If you’re looking for Met Monday, scroll down, I just HAD to post twice today!

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27 thoughts on “A Feature! A Feature! A TCB Feature!

  1. That’s awesome Kimm! I noticed awhile back that she had some of your stuff featured from another blog’s post. Glad she figured out who you are and that you ROCK!!!

  2. congrats! I found you through TCB too. I’m a Christian mixed media artist. And I too LOVE to reuse and reinvent thrift store finds for my artwork – I’m infatuated with unique old frames,and use them all the time in my work, so I got a big kick out of your tray – great idea! I’d love it if you’d come and visit our blog!(it’s our family’s art journal.)


    Have a great day!

  3. Congratulations! No wonder you’re so excited! That’s awesome. I for one think the nod your direction is well-deserved! = ) Love, love, love your tray project, too!

  4. So fun! Congrats!

    You are so creative with your tray. I want to try this. I’ll have to look around Sal. Army for a neat frame like the one you found. I probably have one lying around somewhere. Hmmmmm….

    Thanks for the idea!

  5. Do they not let you KNOW when you’re going to be featured?? Or ask you??

    Hmmmmmm, maybe I’ve been featured and just didn’t know it. ;) lol

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