I’m a Canvas Curtain Copy Cat

I heart canvas drop cloths.

This is NOT news. These babies are WAY TOO COOL to do something silly like catch stray drops of paint.

I use old sheets for that task, SO, I didn’t even know these rough textured beauties existed until I saw Layla’s curtains!

I bought one to use as a table cloth, and that was great.

Then I started thinkin’. (here comes the smoke again)

I have this window in my family room. With this PLAID valance.

It’s okay, but I was ready for a change, and had already removed the matching throw pillows from the room. I decided to give the drop cloth a try, since I love the texture and the color is nice and neutral. I bought some ribbon, and came up with this:

I think they have that shabby French, vintage grain sack kind of look. In an “I don’t have any money for that stuff” kind of way.

Here’s a close up of the ribbon, trimmed in my new favorite accent color, aqua.

All I had to do was fold the drop cloth over an existing curtain rod, then gather up the fabric, folding it like a paper fan and tied the ribbon around. The knots are behind the curtain.

An easy, quick change. MY KIND OF DECORATING, I TELL YA.

I’m linking up to Frugal Friday at the Shabby Nest, one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE blogs. Check out the thrify decor ideas!

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42 thoughts on “I’m a Canvas Curtain Copy Cat

  1. Great job…it looks great and easy to do…
    my sister paints these up and makes floor clothes out of them…really cool…she even does them on the linoleum remnants too…
    thanks for sharing…
    Prim Blessings…

  2. “I think they have that shabby French, vintage grain sack kind of look. In an “I don’t have any money for that stuff” kind of way.”

    Your quote had me busting up! Sometimes I think what we do and what we’re about defies real description at times.

    After Layla’s curtain post, I too ran out and bought a drop cloth. And naturally, it’s made it’s sloppy rounds by means of throwing it to see how it lands on this and that. I’m not in the mood to sew right now (like I ever am), but I’d love to make some pillow covers for my loose cushioned sofa out of it. I’d love to slipcover a loveseat I’ve yet to purchase one day too. I love the grainy casual texture!

    Your curtains are cute! The ribbon was just the right touch!


  3. I saw Layla’s curtains too and made some for my trailer. I am planning on making some for my family room too. I love how used the same idea but made a totally different look. Now I just have to decide what style I want to do!

  4. Beautiful drop cloth valance!
    Aren’t drop cloths wonderful for window treatments. I bought them years ago for that purpose. It’s wonderful that they still are in style.

  5. That looks way cool, and it’s one of those things that if you saw it in a high-end boutique, you would not be surprised to see priced at hundreds of $$$$!

  6. wow!! such a great idea! I just saw featured in a country living magazine several ideas using feed sack type material for everything from a pillow too a pegboard. This is the new “IN” material! Thanks for sharing!

  7. That’s it. I’m in love!! That valance! Amazing. I actually went out and bought the drop cloths right away, too, but I’m too cheap to buy the curtain rod!! In time, I guess!

  8. Wonder what the stockers at Lowe’s and HomeDepot are gonna think when all of the drop cloths fly out the door?! I must go get some before they are all gone!

  9. I’ve NEVER thought about using a dropcloth for anything other than…well…dropping paint on. That turned out SO fab. And the ribbon is fantastic.

  10. Those look absolutely gorgeous!! I have wanted to try them, but I think the fabric is too neutral for our neutral walls (rent house).

    I’m sorry to pester you about the spray paint, but I checked for heirloom white by rustoleum at Lowe’s and they didn’t have it. Is it a special kind of rustoleum? All they had was white and almond (plus a bunch of other non-white-ish colors). I still have to check Home Depot…

  11. They look fab! I don’t think I’ve ever seen canvas drop cloths. And my husband used to be a pinter for a living! We just always buy the plastic stuff from walmart!

    Where do you get the canvas goodies?

  12. I love that! I have been looking for the perfect curtains to change out my dining room, and when I saw Layla’s drop cloth curtains, I knew I had a winner. I too was thinking of using a drop cloth as a table cloth. I think great minds must think alike. Just waiting for a few extra buckaroos so I can run over to Lowe’s and snatch me up some drop cloths! Thanks for posting and linking!!!!!!

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