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Hey y’all! (So sorry for all the times I’ve mispelled y’all, a sweet southern girl set me straight!)
I’m so ashamed of my tardiness. ALMOST as ashamed as I am of the hideous piece of “furniture” I’m about to show you.
This sorry excuse for a bookcase is OLD. I got it from my college roommate, who got it from her parents. When we were moving out of our apartment (to marry BROTHERS, no less), she GAVE this bookcase to me, and I’m just now gettin’ the joke.
A few years ago I painted it white and put it in my oldest daughter’s room for her books (duh!). She’s 14, so it probably hasn’t been dusted in, like, FOUR YEARS.

Here’s a close-up of the bottom shelf.


So why is it in my foyer? WELL…

This short wall in my foyer between the den and the dining room (oh my gosh, you can see the crap on the dining room table!) has always looked like I forgot to dress its bottom.
But hubby insisted that anything I put there not interfere with traffic flow to the kitchen (the hall and stairwell are to the right). When my daughter decided that the bookcase wasn’t cool enough for her anymore ( I do NOT know where that girl gets her decor fickleness…), I thought it would be the perfect size for this space and carried it right down.
Thanks to Melissa, at The Inspired Room, and her Procrastination Party, this poor bookcase is FINALLY gonna be reborn. ‘Cuz now I HAVE to have it done in 2 WEEKS. Stay tuned!
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23 thoughts on “Procrastination Reinvented

  1. I can’t wait to see the end result! I love that you worried about the “crap on your table”, I’m always freaking out that you can see the messiness of my house when I post pictures!

  2. LOL too funny!

    I’ll admit, I’m totally curious to see what you vision here!

    And hey, at least you didn’t retake your picture after you cleaned off the table. Do you have any idea how often I do just that? To take one pic, everything in the house has to be slid to the other side. If only people knew… but you’re secret is safe with me, k? :)


  3. I was looking at your book shelf and was thinking that it would be great for that area. I think that if I were you, I would add some decorative finials to the bottom to give it maybe 6-8 inches of height. I think that and some trim to the top, a fresh coat of paint, maybe some putting some decorative paper (scrapbook) on the backs, and presto! you got yourself a cute little bookshelf! Good Luck

  4. I haven’t even joined the party yet. Not because I don’t have stuff to do, just because this has been a CRAZY week. Maybe I’ll join up…later.


    I can’t wait to see what you get done.

  5. Sounds like a fun party.,…I’m gonna have to check it out.

    I bet you come up with something awesome…you’ve got really a blank slate (white bookshelf) to work with. I have a similar one that painted but I’m ready to do something different…You’ve inspired me. :)

  6. What is dusting?
    This is such a plain little bookshelf that can turn out amazing with your abilities. You realize we are all counting on you.
    I am in also but redoing 3 sad barstools. I never prime or prep, I just do. It works for me. But I think I have to do some wood gluing because on of them has legs that pull out from the seat and when you move it and them sit you get the snot pinched out of your finger.
    See you in two.

  7. That bookcase is absolutely gorgeous compared to the particle board walmart specials I have games stacked in. Mine are in the dining room which is visible from the front door. The games are not neat looking at all. I’ll be waiting to see what you do with your bookcase. Maybe it will inspire me to get rid of the two I’ve got and get something better.

  8. Oh it’s not hideous! I like pieces that have traveled room to room. There’s lots of potential there! Adding some feet would make it fit in more with where it is now. I’m sure you’ll do something fabulous with it! Can’t wait to see!


  9. You are so funny! I can’t wait to see your finished project. And for the record…I live in Florida and we all write ya’ll. But, then again, Florida isn’t as southern as some people think.

    Maybe you can paint or wallpaper the back {inside} of te bookcase with something pretty?


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