Punched-up Pillows

Remember these? (these linen pillows are on clearance at The Company Store if you’re interested)

In case you don’t remember, I bought two, the aqua blue and the linen beige color for my family room. Yes, every once in awhile I buy something new.
The pillows were plain, though, and I like PATTERN. I decided to try my hand at fabric painting. Now, usually I just dive in to my projects with abandon, but this time I was nervous. These pillows were on sale, but they weren’t the $1.99 price I usually pay for Goodwill stuff.
But that’s not all. You want directions? You got ’em.
  1. First, I washed the pillow covers on the gentle cycle and let them air dry.
  2. Then I put a piece of cardboard inside for a more stable surface and so the paint wouldn’t bleed through.
  3. I used stencils and fabric paint, following the directions on the paint bottle. You’re right, DIRECTIONS aren’t usually my style either.

Here are the finished pillows:

The aqua blue one. Here it is on the sofa.

And here’s the linen colored one. Kind of my version of a grain sack look. This one’s still drying, so the pillow form isn’t in there yet. (See the tape measure? I TOLD you I used it.)

This project was surprisingly easy. The fabric took the paint very well. After they’re completely dry, I have to heat set them with my iron (IF I can find it), then they’ll be good to wash after 72 hours. Give this a try and let me know how it goes!
If you’d like another idea for the “vintage grain sack” look, check out this post at Joys of Home.
Don’t forget, tomorrow is Trash to Treasure Tuesday!!

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23 thoughts on “Punched-up Pillows

  1. I love your inventiveness in painting those
    cool pillows. But I really had to laugh when you said you had to go find the iron! It cracks me up because I think I am the lone mistress of the iron! No one I know irons- they send everything to the cleaners. But I am slave to all the cotton shirts, blouses, etc. that we own. So I always know where that d*$# iron is!LOL Oh to be so liberated…

  2. Wow! What a great job! I love the blue one on against the brown on the sofa! I love the linen colored one, too! What a great idea!

    Stop over and check out my Dollar Store Challenge!

    Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

  3. Those a great! I hear what you mean about just throwing yourself into the project, I’ve messed up many a time by doing that. He he.
    Good job girl, way to bring out the tape measure and take your time.

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