Saturday Shout-Outs

Happy Saturday, my friends! I hope you are all enjoying the same sunshine that we are today. The temperature may even hit 60! (I know, that’s still pretty chilly for some of you southern babes, but it’s downright balmy to us midwestern chics!)

No surprise here, but I found more FABULOUS ideas and makeovers this week in blogland, and I think they are all from bloggers that I’ve never featured before!
Oh, how I love meeting new friends with cool ideas.

If you haven’t been to The Lettered Cottage yet, you MUST GO NOW. Seriously. Layla made dropcloth drapes! These cool curtains are made out of canvas drop cloths! And there’s NO SEWING involved!!
Speaking of canvas, and NOT sewing it, I found the directions for making a canvas tote pillow, at Funky Junk Interiors.

How cool is that? And pretty durable for outside use, I bet.

Last, but certainly not least, just LOOK at this breakfast tray, from Infarrantly Creative.

Just click on the link for detailed directions to craft this beauty out of a plain old breakfast tray that you could probably find at the Goodwill, or a garage sale.

Have fun! Meet me back here on Monday for a metamorphosis!

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13 thoughts on “Saturday Shout-Outs

  1. ~Happy Saturday to you as well~
    Isn’t Layla great? Her blog is simply inspiring! I love meeting new bloggers. Glad i stumbled upon your blog. It’s nice to meet you!!!

  2. well kim, here in Canada it wasnt so nice today, rather cold, rain and bits of snow…ick! i will most certainly check out these blogs. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  3. Today was just beautiful wasn’t it? I love the Lettered Cottage too. My friend Jodie gave me a gift from there for Valentine’s Day!

  4. Thanks for the links. Love the breakfast tray idea…I’ll have to head that direction.

    Quick question you may have an answer for: I was thinking of using Mod Podge/paper on my kids’ little table. How well does MP hold up with lots of use?

  5. Hi Kimm, I hope you had a wonderful weekend, thanks for the links, I read the lettered cottage already, that Layla so creative…!! Happy Monday!

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