Saturday Shout-Outs

Welcome everyone to the WEEKEND!

I would also like to welcome all of the new visitors that I met today at the Women Helping Women Business Expo. I was thrilled to encounter such enthusiasm for the concept of REINVENTED, thanks for joining our repurposeful community!
NOW FOR THE LINKS! (I know that’s why you’re here!)

This fabulous wall art is made from repurposed cabinet doors, with the inset covered in decorative paper, from Down Home DIY.

I love how the door creates a nice wide frame with lots of detail.

Another canvas drop cloth project at Vintage Chica. This awesome mom made these floor pillows for her kids’ treehouse. I am falling in LOVE with these canvas drop cloths. I even covered my table at the expo today with one!
Looking for a FREE way to update your accessories for a new season? Kimberly, from Custom Nursery Art by Kimberly hosted an ACCESSORY SWAP! This is one of the best ideas for a party I’ve seen.
Sarah, from Create Studio, one of my FAVORITE new finds, has a great post on REINVENTING your leftover Easter candy. If only we had some left…
Would there be something wrong with buying MORE Easter candy on clearance, just so I can try these great ideas? No, of course not.

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Shout-Outs

  1. An accessory swap…what a fantabulous idea! I think I might need to do this on my blog sometime. How stinkin fun would that be?

    I just wanted to let you know I’m having a giveaway in conjunction with my etsy store opening. It’s a good one. come and check it out.

    Kimm, thanks so much for your continued friendship and support. I’m so glad we’re bloggy friends!

    Hugs ~ Amanda

  2. Two GREAT ideas! I love the idea of drop cloths for durable pillows and such. Now you have me thinking about making some pillows for our deck chairs. Thanks! And I am with you, I love the wide frames. Gotta love repurposing! :)
    P.S. I know, the Michigan thing. Sarah married into that, and I have never been able to talk her out of it!

  3. Cabinet doors for frames? Why haven’t I thought of that? Great links here, I will be scouring more blogs!

    Would you like to hang out at my first Mr.Linky “slumber party” this Thursday? We will be celebrating our childhood bedrooms! I would love to have you there…


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