Trash to Treasure–Scrappy Signs

Good Tuesday morning, everyone, and welcome to Trash to Treasure Tuesday. And welcome all of you visiting from Life in Grace’s Painted Wood is Pretty party!

(To those of you who expected me to be here yesterday, I apologize. Had to take a sick day.)

I didn’t even have to SHOP at the Goodwill or even a garage sale for today’s trashy treasure. I shopped the BASEMENT, specifically my husband’s stash of wood scraps. He loves woodworking, and I love WOOD TRASH, what a match made in heaven!

I have literally gone ON AND ON about my love for the letter “B”, but I honestly LOVE the entire alphabet, and use typography throughout my home. There are good deals to be had on lettered signs in most home decor stores, but, you know me, I don’t just want a GOOD deal, I want a FREE DEAL. And, if I can make something beautiful out of something that would otherwise be thrown away, well, then I’m positively GIDDY.

Leftover wood is perfect for signs. It’s already straight, and since I’m CROOKED, I appreciate that. It’s lightweight, and easy to hang. And, wood loves spray paint. I can identify with that too.

This sign was made out of a piece of scrap plywood, and hangs above the window in the dining area of our great room. My husband routered the edges. I used a stencil from JoAnn’s for the letters. As you can tell, I didn’t measure very well/at all, so the letters aren’t spaced perfectly. This drives my engineer husband CRAZY.

This sign I used on my table at the business expo last weekend. I thought it would capture attention, and it DID. This is a piece of base moulding that I turned upside down so the flat edge was at the top. I used the same stencil as above.

Some of you may remember this sign, hanging in my kids’ bathroom. This was made from a holiday sign I found at the Goodwill, I just painted over someone else’s design. I made a homemade stencil with Microsoft Word for this project. Check HERE for the directions.

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24 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure–Scrappy Signs

  1. Why doesn’t your husband just cut off the extra space? LOL! I’m an engineer as well and that’s what I would do :P

    I really need to make some signs like these, I just love them!
    Have a great day, hope you’re feeling better today!

  2. First time posting on trash to treasure tuesday. I forgot to put the name of the project. Oops. Better next time. Thanks for all of the ideas. Laura at

  3. You have the best ideas!

    I copied today’s idea from Nesting Place, and I did a post yesterday on a Goodwill treasure that I repurposed.


  4. Love homemade signs! Since I don’t have any of mine included in a post, and I have a sick little girl, I just linked up an oldie but a goodie.

    Have a great day!

  5. My neighbor’s are building a huge arena and they had a PILE of wood scraps from the framing and it took some serious restraint on my part to not sneak over there and scoop all of them up. It’s a good thing I hadn’t seen this post yet or I might have (I already suspect they think I’m weird and that would have just topped it!) :D

  6. Awesome idea! Awesome signs! You know how much you would have to pay for one those, right? Great job doing it for FREE!!

    I don’t know how a whole week can go by…I swear I would have my “trash to treasure” ready by now, but it’s far from it!!

  7. Love the signs! Great job! Nothing makes my heart sing more than the word FREE!!!

    I’m new to your blog, and I love what I see so far!

    Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

  8. Kimm,
    I’m so glad you linked up with us too….I’ll have to check out some of your links too! I love the signs and know I’ve been to your blog looking at cute stuff before! Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs to you ,

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