Good Monday morning everyone!

Did you wake up this morning to breakfast in bed?

Did you serve drinks to your friends on the terrace this weekend?

Me neither. But I’m thinking maybe someday.

I do have an idea to make these hostess duties more fun and PRETTIER.
I started my Metamorphosis Monday project with THIS:

Sorry for the sideways picture, but it’s even uglier right side up, so I’m actually doing you a favor.

What I did:
  1. I took apart the frame and print, discarded the print (in the recycling box, of course), and cleaned the glass and frame.
  2. I sanded the frame. Yes, I actually did the sanding part myself this time.
  3. I/my husband drilled holes in the short sides of the frame.
  4. I painted the frame with semi-gloss white spray paint.
  5. I stapled fabric to the original cardboard backing.
  6. I added drawer pulls to the short sides of the frame.
  7. I attached a thin piece of plywood to the back of the frame with screws to finish it off and make it strong.

Here’s the finished product:

Perfect for a pitcher of lemonade and a snack, don’t you think?

Or this:

There you have it, girls and guy (I have to say that because Remodeling Guy might stop by!), the perfect thrifty summer patio accessory!

Be sure to check out all of the other projects on Met Monday at Between Naps on the Porch!

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33 thoughts on “Tray-ariffic!

  1. That was a really good idea–perfect for serving martinis on the terrace (or kool aid to the kids) :) You may have saved the lives of a lot of old frames!

  2. OH MY WORD, KIMM!! Who are you?! Some creative genius or something?? :) I really need to go thrift shopping with you so you can give me some hints of what to look for to “reinvent”. This project is amazing and so inspiring.

    Hey, I just saw you featured today over on Today’s Creative Blog. Congratulations!! You SO deserve the shout out!!

  3. That would be a great hostess gift too! Found you through my site meter, but I am guessing you found me through TCB. So, thanks for coming to my blog too!

  4. I stopped by to check out the high praise you were getting from Kim at TCB. Praise well deserved! Love the frame to tray transformation! I think you’ll be one of my favs. Thanks!

  5. That is an amazing craft. I wish I could think of things like this. Awesome. Thanks for the directions – I can’t wait to try this…

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