Wallpaper, It’s Not Just for Walls Anymore!

Wallpaper. You either HATE it, or LOVE it.

I’ve had enough bad experiences trying to remove a previous owner’s questionable wallpaper choices to KNOW that I DON’T want wallpaper actually adhered to my walls. The fact that I HAVE NO IDEA how to wallpaper has nothing to do with it.

Thankfully, there are other ways to add the color and pattern of wallpaper to your rooms without commiting to cover the entire wall.

AND, they often have wallpaper at the GOODWILL. Ahem, let me pause to contain my excitement.
I used thrift store wallpaper to create the background for these photographs.

I have A LOT left, so you’ll probably see this again. and again.

Here are some more great ideas. (all photos from bhg.com)

This picture makes me want to buy more clothes, so that I need another dresser. Perfectly sensible, don’t ya think?

Genius here! It’s on the wall, without actually being ON the wall.

Cover an ugly frame with wallpaper. I’m thinkin’ this might be the next use for my textured roll.

Oh, how I HEART this screen. And the chair, and the sweater, and the floor…

Just adorable. Now if only I had that much jewelry… and nail polish…

Oh my. The GOODWILL has lots of plates and wooden plaques. An entire graphic art display for pennies!

I gotta admit, I SERIOUSLY considered bringing out Dr. Seuss for this post, but I decided to give y’all a break. You’re welcome.

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30 thoughts on “Wallpaper, It’s Not Just for Walls Anymore!

  1. oh Kimm, we must be on the same page with the whole wall paper things!! I love the photos you chose and the ideas, much easier then actually hanging the wall paper!! :)

  2. Oh… I love the idea! You should check out your local Sherman Williams or other wallpaper store. I was given about 30 wallpaper books for free. I went in and spoke to them asked them if I could have some when they are going to throw them away and they called me about 6 months later and I was able to pick out the ones I wanted! I have beautiful papers to use for cardmaking or whatever. I’ve enen wrapped gifts in them. The biggest problem? Space to store them. They are huge!

  3. My house is COVERED in painted wallpaper & vowed to never use it, YET I fell in love with some black and white damask wallpaper and used it in my bathroom. I love it. I have a whole roll leftover and have no idea what to do with it all. I did use some for a fruit crate but need other ideas! These are some wonderful ideas. THANK YOU for sharing.

  4. You know, I hadn’t even considered all of these possibilities! I often see wall paper that I like but I am definitely a white wall girl, so this offers me other options for using it. Thank you!
    So nice for you to have visited so that I could find you!

  5. I love the bottom display. I need to see what I can find at my Goodwill and arm myself with some spray paint. What brand is your heirloom white and where do you buy it?

  6. Love the scrolls of wallpaper hanging on the walls. As a renter that is one idea I could really do! I wallpapered our ugly fridge last year. A year later, it’s a bit beaten up. I only spent about $3 on the wallpaper at Big Lots and I love a change so, no worries. I plan to change it when I go on vacation in May.

  7. Did you know you can make a “TP Holder” with 3 large coffee cans and wall paper?
    Love the “Ideas” shown above, thank you for sharing. Sandy

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