Drop Cloths and Polka Dots


It’s Michelle, from The Barnecks! E-mail me your address Michelle so I can ship out your drop cloth!

In true procrastinator fashion, I’m working feverishly today to finish my project for tomorrow’s
Procrastinator Party at the Inspired Room.

So, today, I’m sharing PROOF that spring has finally arrived in Buckeye Country!


Woohoo!!! I painted my “B” because as I saw the spring flowers coming up and everything “greening” up, I decided that the red wouldn’t work. So I went with a green and pink theme. Subject to change in the fall, but for now I LOVE it!


Have you painted your pots yet? Need inspiration? Look HERE, and HERE and HERE.



I decided to try coleus this year, because there are LOTS of pink flowers (see above pic!) and I’m told that coleus is EASY to grow, which works for me. AND, I’m thinking this won’t need dead-heading. I hate that. Plus, I LOVE the pink and green.

I’ll be back tomorrow for the Procrastinator’s party with my REINVENTED bookshelf!

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19 thoughts on “Drop Cloths and Polka Dots

  1. Oh good…an easy plant to grow! I cannot seem to keep any plant alive, so I’ll be buying coleus this weekend! Thanks for the tip…and I love your pots…might have to try painting mine too!


  2. I think you misspelled my name in the winner spot… ;)

    I don’t know what dead heading is, so I don’ tknow if I shold do it or not… I will try growing some coleus though!

    Where’d you get the big B?

  3. Oh how lovely the B on the door is. The front of your home is just gorgeous, and I love the polka dot pots. How cute is that!!! Love it. Hugs, Marty

  4. Congrats to the winner!
    And your landscaping looks amazing! You definately have a “green” thumb!
    Love the color choice for the “B”…it’s my fave!

  5. I have bookmarked your painted polka dot pots–I plan to do that this summer! I just love your front door in all it’s glory! Love the new color change—it’s a good time to be green!

    Yea, where did you get that mungo “B”? Don’t tell me you made it!!!

  6. I need to ask your advice on a garage sale find I HAD to have. It just spoke to me. How do I contact you. I couldn’t find your email any where! HELP! You are a creative geniusI NEED your help!

  7. Hey everybody! I just LOVE commenting on my own blog! :)
    Just wanted to answer some questions for y’all. The “B” came from Joann’s Fabrics, they’re made of paper mache and come in a few sizes, I bought the biggest, for less than $10! Also, my e-mail is reinventedkb@gmail.com if you’re trying to reach me! Have a fabulous evening!

  8. Hi Kimm (and others who want to grow the coleus): I hated to be the bearer of bad news, but coleus do need to be dead-headed of the tiny white flowers that pop out eventually. Otherwise they will grow tall and lanky, rather than bushy and overflowing (in your cute pots!). They are great plants though–you can multiply them easily with cuttings using root stimulator powder (a pretty cheap way to get more plants for your money!). Your yard and entry does look amazing!

  9. I love coleus for that reason too! And when it gets bigger you can put broken off sections in water and they will sprout new roots and you can plop those right in the ground too!

  10. Nice. Now I have to add “paint pots” to my list of projects! I think these are the most adorable things I’ve seen in a loooong time! Good job!

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