The Family Couch

I {HEART} our sofa.

It’s the place where I start my mornings, before anyone else is up, with my steaming mug of chai tea and my Bible.

It’s the place where I lounged a bit too much yesterday while my children waited on me. (They actually did CHORES without complaining, y’all!)

It’s where we all gather on Tuesday and Wednesday nights to CHEER for Chris, Allison, Danny and Adam. And where we mourned the loss of Allison and her amazing voice last week.

Our sofa is where books are shared, boo-boos are soothed and kissed (well, not so much anymore!), and where we made the decision to buy that darn trampoline. (As a nurse, I lost the battle on that one–no injuries yet, and my fingers are crossed).

Our sofa is NOT where we partake of food, but I still vacuum crumbs from between the cushions every week. Hmm…how does that happen?
What’s your SOFA STYLE?
Ours is traditional in style, and upholstered in leather (pictured above). I LOVE LEATHER. Not in clothes, mind you, but in couches. Leather is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And it just looks better with age.

Do you like modern styles? I’m sorry, but where do you lay your head on this one when you’ve got the flu? (photo from

How about this more formal look? (photo from SofaSofa)

I love this casual, slip-covered look, but I think I’d be obsessed with keeping it clean. (photo from

Whatever your style, there are countless choices. I’d recommend buying the best quality you can afford. A good sofa will last you a long time. Shop at a reputable furniture store and check out their return policy and warranties. Craig’s List and Ebay are options too, there are people in this world who can afford to buy a good quality sofa, decide they don’t like it, sell it to you, and buy another really good quality sofa.

What to look for:

  1. A kiln-dried, hardwood frame
  2. Heavy cushions (heavy=better foam)
  3. Springs made out of s-shaped wires that run front to back on the seat.
  4. Top grain leather (if that’s your thing) or tightly woven fabric. Microfiber is also a great choice because you can wipe it off.

What happens on your sofa? (let’s keep it clean people!)

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23 thoughts on “The Family Couch

  1. I’m with you…LOVE leather. We also have a leather sofa…similar in style and color to yours. It’s 15 years old now, but you’d never know it. (Well worth the arm and leg it cost us back in ’94!) It wears unbelievably well. Many guests have said it’s the comfiest sofa ever…we have to agree. It’s the best place for watching movies, cheering for our AI favorites, and snoozing when you’re sick. = )

  2. I’m currenty on a quest for the love of my life sofa. Mine is oversized, gorgeous and I can change the look so easily, but it hurts my back. So I can’t enjoy it! Pretty just isn’t everything. I do not encourage loose backed pillows. They never stay put nor look nice with child like people roaming around.

    Because a sofa is not in my budget, I’m looking at thrifts for two perfectly comfy higher back pretty AND functional chairs I can slipcover. I nearly found one last week. I need a his and hers… one for bouncy 9 yr old male that eats on that chair and one for supreme beauty, comfort and enjoyment with excellent back/neck support for 47 yr old female. Two very different requirements here!

    Guess I’ll be continuing that eclectic trend in home decor chair wise…


  3. We have a leather sofa too. Brown, like yours, but with square arms. I cuddle with my kiddos, read to them, watch tv and occasionally sleep there if we are having a storm and the dog is crazy. I love it except the square arms aren’t as comfy as round ones would be.

  4. We eat on the sofa. All.the.time. We have guests often, they eat there, too. Sometimes the dogs sleep on the sofa, the kitties definitely sleep there. It’s where we lay when we are sick and when we are watching movies. It is an important piece of furniture!

  5. I love our leather sofa…very forgiving with sippy cup spills. :) It is where the hubby comes home every single evening and lays there watching a combo of The History Channel, FoxNews, ESPN, or the Discovery Channel. ;)

  6. Lots of toys, jumping, tickling and a sleeping dog….so as you can see we will not be getting a new couch until all the fun slows down. I have to say we have a casual couch with a more formal fabric. It is definately loved.

  7. Love your leather sofa. It looks like the perfect place for the whole family to gather and enjoy each other. I’m not a really formal person, so anything not modern or too formal would be my style. Hugs, Marty

  8. Great post! Love your sofa. I also have a very comfy sofa that I love to sit on, curl my feet underneath me, snuggle up with my pup, and read a book or watch some TV. I was so sad to see Allison go too! I am really cheering for Chris.

  9. Your posts always give me a giggle! I have a more relaxed style, is the kicker, it is a white toile pattern! What the heck was i ever thinking when I bought white??? However, I love it…still after 4 years!

  10. i agree! we ‘live’ on our sofa. well, me more than hubby. he prefers his chair. i spent a lot of time deciding on our sofa. i actually had it made for us. i was able to pick the fabric, skirt or no skirt, type of legs and arms. i have been so pleased with it. we’ve had it now over four years and it still looks brand new. sofas are a great investment!

  11. I have begun the search for a new sofa, so this post was quite timely. I don’t think I want leather in the living room, so I am looking for an upholstered one……wish it was easier.


  12. We had two old couches that lived through baby pukes and sippy cups and pen drawings. When we moved, we bought two new couches. A brown leather and a greenish-brown micro suede. I generally snuggle up on the micro-seude one and watch tv at night after the boys are in bed. This one has been through many asthma treatments and lots of hours of family tv.

  13. Its funny you doing this post as i just posted our well used sofa as Linda wanted to see the color of it. We have no formal rooms in our home, the pictures i posted is our living room and for most thier kitchen is the heart of the home, but for us its this room. We lounge, watch tv, nap and chat away. Our sofa is casual microfiber and stands up like steel. I also love your sofa, we had leather but had construction problems with ours and the store couldnt provide us with another, but when this sofa retires to the downstairs tv room i will most likely go back to leather.

  14. My sofa is a slipcovered nearly 20 year hand me down from my parents. It has broken springs my husband has put boards over for support. And in our recent potty training quest, it’s been peed on a few times. (A few more weeks and we’ll be able to steam clean it, hopefully! EEK!)
    As old and worn as it is, it’s the most comfortable couch ever.
    We can’t find a new sofa that is long enough for my 6’1″ husband to lay on. We can’t agree on a fabric/finish. We have a 2 year old and a baby due to arrive in 8 weeks time. And a new sofa is just not on our current list of spendy wishes.
    So we’re keeping the old faithful comfortable beast for now. A new slip cover is in order, though. I just haven’t decided what color I want to use. ;-)

  15. We were originally looking for a leather sofa when we found the couch of our dreams. It’s microfiber, which is nearly indestructable. The color is oyster (off white), but it’s not a problem at all. It has had everything on it from Cheetos to Chocolate (although it’s not supposed to be upon, either) and it just wipes right off with a damp cloth. It is so cushy and comfy. And the entire thing reclines. It’s the only sofa my husband has ever fallen asleep on. We love it!

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