Paint and Procrastination

Oh my, I guess I procrastinate WAY MORE than I have previously been willing to admit. It is 7:24am right now, and I JUST finished painting my shelves. That two week deadline was PRESSURE, let me tell ya.

I’m not sure whether Melissa, from The Inspired Room is my best friend or worst enemy.

You see, I don’t blame myself for my faults, I prefer to blame the person who makes me admit they exist.

Well, here we go, the REINVENTED bookshelf. I had a hard time getting good pictures (anyone want to give me FREE photography lessons?), so I hope you can see what I did.

Here’s the BEFORE again. I have to remind you how BAD it was.

And here’s the AFTER.

Not bad, for a cheap addition to my naked wall. First I reinforced the shelves that were loose. Then attached decorative trim to the front edges of each shelf. I painted the whole thing with semi-gloss black spray paint, and added “feet.” You’ll never guess what the feet are. I priced some nice “bun feet” at Home Depot and they were over $8.00 a piece. So my husband cut some 3 inch diamter PVC pipe in to 2 inch pieces, I painted them black and VOILA!

I’m sure that furniture makers would be APPALLED, and you may be too, but I just couldn’t justify $32 for “feet.” I don’t spend that much for a pedicure on my OWN feet!

Here’s a close-up of the trim. I {heart} it.

I’m excited to have a new place to accessorize, by shopping the house, of course. And maybe the Goodwill.

You know, after getting this all off my chest, I think I’ve forgiven Melissa!

Now head over to the Inspired Room and check out all of the finished projects!

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46 thoughts on “Paint and Procrastination

  1. It looks great, feet and all. Great idea to make feet on a budget! The trim is so pretty.

    I failed. We’re so wrapped up in this living room project, I didn’t get my sewing done. But I’ve painted tons of moulding and 4 pieces of furniture this week. Does that count?!

  2. Not one bit appalled…that’s a clever solution and it looks great! I love the black bookcase…I have one and I love it, too. I also really like the addition of the trim…super job!

  3. The trim was a great idea. It really gives it that little sumpin’, sumpin’. I personally think that the PVC feet were brilliant. I’ll keep that in mind for future reference.

  4. It looks great! Love the pvc feet – that’s a great idea.

    PS – Would it make you feel better to know that it’s 10:30 AM and I still need to slap a 2nd coat on half of my project? Just waiting for naptime. :-)

  5. Your shelf looks great. Love the trim.

    OK. How did you get the PVC pipe to stay on for feet? Isn’t it hollow??

    Barbara Jean

  6. That trim is awesome. Good question that Barbara Jean had above! How did you get the PVC to stay on as feet… or did you just sit it on them? Hot glue? LOL! That sounds like something I would try.

  7. Love the trim, love the feet, (love that you didn’t spend $32 for feet) and I think it looks fantastic. Please be sure to post another pic once you have made your goodwill run.

  8. This is a great make-over!! Love the trim you added & the feet!! Very smart! I just finished my project today too. Please be sure to show us pictures once it is all decorated Love it!!

  9. I had to laugh while reading your post. I feel the same way about spending more for furniture feet that what I would spend on my own. Too funny! And I love how you blame someone. Sounds good to me. The shelves turned out great. I like the trim & the color.

  10. I love it !! It’s just perfect !! I would never have thought of reinforcing shelves, adding trim or feet !! WOW ! I learn so much every time I visit you blog !! You Rock !!

  11. I painted a desk black for the Procrastination Project. I also have a white bookshelf like yours and I love how yours looks! The trim really makes a difference! How are the PVC feet attached? glue? Nice job!

  12. Great job! I got an email from freecycle. They are promoting the “put it on the curb” day where you set out something on curb that is still has life to it. The hope is that someone will come by and take it home rather than it go into the landfill. May 16 is the first day but if we pass the word around it maybe come a regular event.

  13. This is so pretty, Kimm! What a great transformation. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. I think you did an amazing job with getting thrifty with the “feet”. Sadly enough I probably would have spend the $32 because I wouldn’t know any better!!

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