Projects and PMS

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’m sharing a project that just about GOT THE BEST OF ME yesterday.

I started with this inspirational picture:

And I said to myself: “Self, you can do that!”

I found this tray for $.99 at the Goodwill Store.

And some fabulous fabric from Fabric Closet on Etsy.

I covered the flat part of the tray with Mod Podge and got to work. It was EASY to cover that flat part. THEN THE TROUBLE STARTED.

It is NOT easy to glue and wrap fabric around the curved lip of the tray.

In fact, I wouldn’t recommend trying this project if you are in the throes of PMS, or prone to swearing. Not that I would know. I’m just sayin’.


Here’s the finished product. Notice the conspicuous lack of close-up photos.

It would look fabulous ABOVE my cabinets. WAY UP THERE.

This is what a nine year olds face looks like when you say a four letter word in front of her that starts with SHHHHH.

If anyone has some good tips that I should have asked for BEFORE I started this project, please let all of us know.

I’m linking up to Thrift Store Thursday at Homebody. Hopefully you’ll find many SUCCESSFUL projects there.

And Thrifty Thursday at Tales from Bloggeritaville (gotta love that title!). Check them both out!

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31 thoughts on “Projects and PMS

  1. Your post was hilarious! I will make a mental note NOT to mod podge during the throes of PMS! I think the tray turned out great and the fabric is fabulous!

    Blessings to you from Kansas,

  2. HI, Kim, oh the project gone bad! Been there, done that too. I think the fabric on curve part is def. the problem. I usually use thin paper for projects like that, like napkins or tissue paper. Those will mold to the shape you put them on. It looks cute from here! :)

  3. It looks pretty!

    But I would totally understand if it had ended up in pieces after being bounced off the floor.

    My dining room valance nearly found itself in the front yard one night…I personally think all crafty/decor projects should not be attempted during “that time.”

  4. Cute post! I can understand. I did a project last night…something a 2 year old could master. But of course, it looked bad when I was finished! As far as your tray and wrapping the fabric over the curved part, was it at the corners that gave you the most fits? I’d try making little slits in the fabric at the corners to get it to lay flat. Not sure if that’s your problem, so my suggestion might not work. It looks good, though. Cute fabric.


  5. What is it with the curves and mod podge?! Should I have paid more attention in geometry class? Is there some trick to angles and curves when cutting the fabric or paper? aggh!

    (I try not to do anything but find a cave and eat red meat and chocolate when in the throes of PMS…)

  6. You are too funny. And yes, you are right…it’s dangerous to attempt crafty projects in the throes of PMS. Although, I have to say it looks great from the pic. You got JUST the right angle. Cute, cute, cute fabric! I’m off to check out that link.


  7. Good for you for trying something new!!
    That’s how we all learn.
    And, I also say bravo, for sharing what you see as a booboo. and seeking help. That will help you next time, and help all of us too.

    good post.
    thanks and blessings,
    barbara jean

  8. What a great post. When a good idea goes wrong. Been there, too.

    One thing I learned recently is if you are trying to mod podge thick paper, to get it wet first and it moves easier. Maybe that same idea could be used with the fabric. It might be easier to move the fabric if it’s wet and it also wouldn’t soak up the mod podge quite as quickly.

  9. Hi Kim! This post cracked me up, espcailly “In fact, I wouldn’t recommend trying this project if you are in the throes of PMS, or prone to swearing. Not that I would know. I’m just sayin’. HORMONE STORMS AND MOD PODGE DO NOT MIX.”!!!! Advice accepted, but your tray turned out great. I couldn’t tell the difference in the ones pictured and the one you made! Great work! Thanks for playing Kimm!

  10. oh man, this cracked me up !! in looking at the inspirational picture again, i’m noticing a lack of rounded edges …. maybe you should try this again with a tray without the round bits ! and perhaps time it away from the PMS days !!!

  11. Well, I think it looks awesome from a distance. My guess is that you’re not gonna be re-doing this project. I wouldn’t. I’d just leave it like it is and display it proudly. At a distance. :)

  12. Hi Kim! LOve the makeover on the tray! Hey, ya know what? If you put the tray on the wall higher., you’ll never see any items you may have missed… I’m sure it will look perfect! ;) Hey, don’t want you to miss my Blog Giveaway., it’s open for entries till Midnight, Mother’s Day (PDT) I’ve got some really cool items you can get your name put in the hat for. Take Care! ~CC Catherine

  13. Oh no! lol…I have so been there…once I attempted making curtains for my kitchen on my brand new sewing machine that I did not know how to use yet…lets just say, those curtain are now a good joke between my husband and I :) I mentioned you on my bloggy! You always have such great ideas :)

  14. Oh my goodness you are hysterical…uhm, yeah PMS and 4 letter words go hand in hand, at least in my world! Ya know I think the tray looks lovely and I really like the choice of fabric you used! tahnk you for sharing even though it was not “perfect” for you! Happy Mother’s day to you Kimm! XO

  15. LOL! You are too funny. I probably would have thrown it given your situation. It DOES look great from back here though.

    What’s the problem? Did the fabric get bubbles or something? Or was it hard to turn under the edges or around corners? Just wondering. It might be easier to work with a smaller print so that it doesn’t have to be as lined up? I have a really ugly metal tray that was my Grandmothers, but it is round. That would probably be even harder, hu???

  16. Can I just say, I have always LOVED your blog but after that post I LOVE IT EVEN MORE!!! You made me laugh so hard, because of course I NEVER swear while trying to do a project, but it’s just nice to know that someone out there does!!! HA I so wish that was true, LOL! Thanks for the laugh, this PMS bordering menopause lady sure did need it!!!

  17. You’re hilarious. :) It looks great, though. I like it. I just did a project that I thought would be pure genius. Took pictures all through each step of it, only to have the final project bomb miserably. I hate that.

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