Signs of Summer

Some of you may remember my Spring Free post, where I “lightened up” my decor for spring. I liked the lightened up look so much, I kept it and now I’m goin’ even LIGHTER for summer!

Still for free, though. I kind of enjoy the challenge of changing things up with stuff I already have. Especially if it’s something someone else didn’t want.

Those bookshelves that I REINVENTED for the Procrastination Party have been sitting in my foyer waiting for accessories. All trimmed out and painted, but NAKED.

So I shopped the house. AND the beach bag. I’d like to tell ya that we’ve been to the beach for some shell hunting THIS YEAR. But, honestly, when I pulled out the beach bag, there were shells and sand from LAST SUMMER still in there. Yeah, gross.

Here they are in my wood pedestal bowl from the thrift store. Painted Heirloom White, of course.

This frame I’ve had for awhile. I found it at the Goodwill, but it originally came from Target. I gave it a light coat of Heirloom White to just highlight the details and left the background dark. A small piece of scrapbook paper in my favorite polka dots and a hot-glued shell for summery art!

I also shopped the kids’ bookshelves and brought down our Little House on the Prairie books. I LOVED this series when I was a kid, and have fond memories of summer afternoons reading and rereading these stories.

Here’s the bookshelf with it’s LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER look.

The bottom three shelves are still empty. I’m still thinking of how to dress these up without too much clutter. Baskets, maybe?

Since these changes were cheap, cheap, cheap, I’m linking up to Frugal Friday at the Shabby Nest. Go check it out!

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28 thoughts on “Signs of Summer

  1. Very nice! I loved the Little House books too. I think I read them about 10 times each. :) I don’t think I’m rude to make you guys wait til Monday for the desk makeover—just too lazy to blog it yet. ;)

  2. Kimm, I love the picture frame~so pretty! You have now inspired me to start thinking about my house for summer…along with ten billion projects! lol. I wanted to make sure I told you about my great giveaway on my blog! I think you will love the Whmisy Birdie Bag and Yummy Cupcake Pincushion I have up for grabs! Would love to have you stop by and see my new blog look as well!

    Have a great day and start to SUMMER!!


  3. Oh yeah I love this, love the shells and the lightened up decor. I think baskets would look great on the bottom shelves..or stacked country living magazines with some burlap tied around them…or boy o boy the possibilites! Have a great weekend!

  4. Lovely!! And yes baskets are always a wonderful way to `lighten` up too, lol.
    BTW I too love the little house books and I like your idea of just stacking them with a sweet candle on top.
    HHHMM thanks for this idea, lol

  5. I so agree with you. When I changed my colors from dark peach to light aqua accessories with a lot of white thrown in, I have liked it so much that I’m been adding more white and now some yellow too. It feels so good to have a lighter room. Really lifts the spirits. I love your bowl painted white, and the frame to just gorgeous. You’ve created a beautiful vignette. It is so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  6. Your frugal is looking fabulous!!! Love the shell art, love the shells in the pedestal bowl. And who doesn’t love Little House on the Prairie? Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment on my letter art. Being frugal is quite fun sometimes.

  7. I found your blog via an old post on Tip Junkie and I’ve been looking through it. You’ve got alot of inspirational ideas and I’ll be coming back for a visit soon! :)

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