Sometimes Trash Should Stay Trash

Okay. So the PVC pipe “feet” aren’t working out so well. I’ve been working on accessorizing the shelves all/part of the weekend, and I can’t get past the feet. They look PLASTIC.

‘Cuz they are.

See? (Why is this picture upside down?)

At the risk of y’all doubting my BRILLIANTNESS, I’ve decided to scrap the plastic feet. I’m not throwing them away yet, though. You never know when a girl might NEED the cheap plastic look. If leg warmers can come back in style, ANYTHING can happen.

Now I have these:

These blocks of wood are made from scraps from this project:

(I take no credit for this one. My hubby and FIL built it a couple of years ago. I just took 35 coats off to take the picture.)

I guess the new legs would be a TRASH TO TREASURE project, but I haven’t “treasured” them yet. Use your imagination, they’ll be BLACK soon. And not PLASTIC.

Since y’all came to see an actual TREASURE, I’ve stolen one for you. From Dawn at Eventually Cottage. Dawn delivered the sheer genius that I haven’t been able to muster up today. She made this out of a COOKIE SHEET, people. Isn’t that just the coolest thing? You must check out her fabulous blog. She has this really cool button on display that says REINVENTED on it. But that’s not why I LOVE her. Just sayin’.

If you’ve got a project to share, link up! Please be sure to link back to REINVENTED so that everyone can envy your talents!

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14 thoughts on “Sometimes Trash Should Stay Trash

  1. I thought your plastic legs were a great idea, but I must admit that these look even better!

    Oh, and I have added your button to my blog. Do you love me now? ;)

    Someday I hope I can figure out how to make my own button. Where did you get yours?

  2. Love your blog! You’ve given me so many great ideas. Maybe I can show this post to my husband and he’ll replace the lego blocks that are serving as legs to the cable box!

  3. ok … i nearly died laughing when i read that the picture was upside down ! i thought you had glued the legs to your ceiling when i opened the post and first saw the picture ! too bad the legs didn’t work out … the new ones look good though. i’m sure you’ll find something for the old ones. there’s always gluing them to the ceiling …

  4. What if you used a post cap (meant for fencing). You can get the wooden ones pretty cheap ($4 or so). Try looking on or

  5. I just bought a small side table for the entry at a garage sale and it was too low so I added feet and painted the whole thing black.I think it looks cute and I wish I had known about the trash to treasure party,I just found out about it through Dawn’s blog.Maybe next time.Great blog,I’m now a follower!

  6. 35 coats huh? Sounds like my coatrack! Amazing how much they’ll hold. :)

    Maybe they looked cheap and plastic because you KNEW they were plastic – everyone else could have though they were…um…something fabulous…
    I think I prefer the wooden ones though.

    And I like Michelle’s comment of “try, try again!” After all, perfection is SO boring. :)

  7. I never would have noticed the look of plastic, but then again I was just seeing it in a picture. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the wood better. Whatever makes you happy, right!? I’ve got to hit the Goodwill soon…I don’t have anything (that I know of) for T2T. But I’ll work on that!!

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