Thrifty Wish List

Every year as flea market and garage sale season gets going, I make a wish list of items I’d like to find.

Now, I don’t always FOLLOW my lists, but I LOVE to make them. I’ve been known to come home with a van load of stuff, but NONE of it on my list. My husband LOVES when that happens.
Wanna know a secret? When I make a To Do list, I write down tasks I’ve already done, just so that I can have some stuff crossed off right away. Is that weird?
Don’t answer that.
I thought I’d share this year’s wish list with you, in pictures!

One can never have enough mud room storage, I think. I would love to find some old locker room baskets, or milk crates like these to organize sporting equipment.

I don’t really NEED silverware and linen storage, but isn’t this old tool chest COOL? I’m sure I could find something to put in it.

A reinvented ladder would make a fabulous pot rack.

Old dressers can be made into a variety of storage options. Anyone care for a glass of wine?

An old window would be perfect on the empty wall above our bathtub.

Do y’all think I’m a STORAGE JUNKIE? What are you looking for?

I’m linking up to Julia’s Hooked on Fridays party, check out all the links!

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27 thoughts on “Thrifty Wish List

  1. No, I don’t think you are storage junkie…you are giving me some good ideas for things to look for! Love the wine chest (of course!) and especially the tool chest repurposed as linen storage. So clever!

  2. OMGosh! Do NOT tell anyone (this is just between us, tight?) but I often add completed tasks to my list so I can cross them off too!

    I love your ideas and you yard sale list! That dresser turned into a wine rack/bar is brilliant!

    I love your wish list it is very similar to my own :)
    Great Minds and all that .
    Best of luck to you as the season unfolds may all your wishes come true abundantly .
    Have a fabulous weekend full of happiness.
    Happy Trails until we meet again.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog and love all of the ideas you share! I’m looking for some “feet” for an old blanket chest I have. I won’t try the plastic ones! I thought maybe I’d find an old sofa along the road someday that has nice “feet” that I could use… No luck yet, but I keep looking!

  5. Great list!! Right now, mine includes some serving pieces for my sister’s bridal shower this summer, some kind of storage for my new craft area, a big picture frame, and anything else that strikes my fancy. ;)

  6. OK, here’s the deal…I promise not to tell anyone you add already completed projects to your TO DO list, if you don’t tell anyone I do the same! = ) (Nothing like an immediate sense of accomplishment!) You and I think along similar lines, it seems. I’m so into lists and organizational stuff (NOT that I’m good at maintaining the organization, mind you). There are some great things on your summer list! Good luck! Thanks to you, I’m off to add a few more to mine! ; )

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  7. I love that you write things on your TO DO list just to cross them off. Ha. That sounds like me–I love nothing more than to feel like I accomplished something and can draw that line through it!

    Great list, and boy do I agree that you can never have too much mudroom storage. I swear stuff breeds in mine.

    Thanks for joining my party! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  8. I love that remade dresser! Yet another idea to file away.

    I’ve been trying to find an old ladder to put in my daughter’s room to display quilts and blankets on. Alas, I’ve yet to find one in a price range I’m willing to pay. :-(

    I have a wish list, too. I just don’t tell my husband what it is because he rolls his eyes at me until he sees what I’ve done with it. Sometimes he’ll even cave and say “Ok. That WAS a good idea!” lolol

  9. I love, love, love your ideas! I am going to my first flea market tomorrow and am for sure going to be having these on my list! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  10. If that makes you weird then I’m weirder. Not only do I write down things I’ve done but I’ll top my “to do” list with “Make a To Do List” and then cross it off. :-)

  11. I’ve always wanted one of those old ladders. Always thought I’d fold my quilts I’ve made over the rungs, but I like your idea every bit as much!

  12. I love that you put stuff you’ve already done on your to do list! Brilliant!

    I love your wish list too, I never would have thought of some of those uses for things!

  13. Love your wish list! I would love a small ladder. There’s so many options for them! I like the idea of starting the “to do” list with projects already done.

  14. oh my goodness … i totally do that to ! put stuff on my to do list that i’ve already done so that i already have some things crossed off. makes me feel a sense of accomplishment before i’ve even finished the list !!

    i love the things you’ve got on your wish list !! that dresser turned wine storage/liquor cabinet is a fabulous idea. i’m going to have to keep that in mind !!

  15. Next Saturday is the One BIG yard sale that I love. Every summer the housing community behind my house has a Giant sale. It is the best! This year I am looking for items to decorate my back yard. Fun funky yard ornaments, pots, windchimes — I would love a little fire pit. I guess we will see — it is always a treasure hunt!

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