Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Today, I’m NOT sharing a project for Trash to Treasure Tuesday.

What? What? What?

Calm down and let me ‘splain myself. I’m sharing a COLLECTION of projects, or ideas, sort of. And attempting to solve a decorating dilema that I think is fairly common.

Do you have that space ABOVE your kitchen cabinets? (If you have those soffit thingies, then that’s a post for another day, ‘cuz I’m solvin’ my own problem today, and I’m selfish like that.)
Is that space above your cabinets, like, as challenging to accessorize for you as it is for me? Good. I KNEW I wasn’t alone in my misery.

I like fabulous accessories just as much as the next girl, but since I’m CHEAP, I never wanted to spend much on decorative items for UP THERE.

Then, the lightbulb came on. That’s what I like to say when I get a good idea, ‘cuz I’m not so good at hiding the fact that I’m excited about something. THAT’S WHY I STINK AT POKER.
THAT SPACE is the perfect place to display treasures made from trash. Even if they didn’t turn out so good, because no one can see them up close unless they pull up a ladder. And no one’s friends do that, do they? Well, I had a couple that did, but I don’t invite them over much anymore.

Now, for some pictures.

Everthing here came from a thrift store. Well, the “plant” didn’t, but it probably should be trash, I just haven’t found anything better to replace it with. I painted the plate, ‘cuz it was ugly, you know. The frame was already beautiful black, I just printed out the B on my computer and framed it. This picture also illustrates how easy it can be to change a color scheme with remade objects. When I fell in love with the red/aqua combo, I started looking for thrift store items in those colors. I found that cool Ball jar in aqua, printed the B in the same color and added red with paint and the candle (man, that candle is crooked).

Are you seeing a theme here? No, not the UGLY PLANT theme. Here’s another painted plate, only square this time, with aqua accents. The box on the right was $.50 at the Goodwill. It was a Christmas item, so I just added paint and the same stencil that’s on the plate.

This stuff is all unaltered thrift store goodies. I like to add the greenery for some texture (this stuff is better than those other plants), and vary the shapes. I also vary the height of the objects, it’s just more interesting to look at that way.

More Goodwill stuff. Probably $4.00 total here, people. I did have to paint the star, so I guess that adds a nickel or so.


  1. Decide on a color scheme and start looking for items that either match, or can be painted to match. Don’t look for perfection, unless your friends have ladders.
  2. Vary the texture. Use plants (but please find some better than mine), baskets or other rough textured items to balance out the smooth stuff.
  3. Vary the height. If all of your items are similar in size, set some pieces on small boxes or pieces of scrap wood to elevate them.
  4. Put stuff up there you like to look at. My space doesn’t look “professionally” done, but it makes me happy, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

All right, enough about me ladies. Link up those projects!

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29 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday

  1. I have baskets,pictures,greenery,pictures,plates…junk on mine. Now that I read about yours it got me to looking at mine and bot do I need to take it all down and wash it! Thanks!
    Yours looks great and I always say if someone looks so hard they find things wrong they need to stop coming to my house!

  2. Ca-ute!

    You know what else you could do (as a longer term project)? Add crown moulding to the top of your cabinets. It ends up taking up enough space that you don’t feel like you have to accessorize up there!

  3. Love, love, love what a reinventin’ woman can do with goodies from the thrift store! And your four tips are right-on! Especially #4! I’m getting into the freedom thing — the freedom to break the rules and do things in my house just cause, as you said, “It makes me happy!”

  4. This is one area of the house that I really struggle with. I love your ideas and can’t wait to use some of them in my kitchen!

  5. It all looks great!!
    I have a big, stupid soffit in my living room and I have no idea what to do with it. I suggested dynamite, but my husband said no.

  6. Looks great Kimm! I did much the same way when I had that opportunity.

    In this current house, I had the soffits removed and drove the new cabinets right up to the ceiling. Sometimes I miss the extra display opportunity, but not the dusting. :)


  7. I have nothing (but dust) on top of my cabinets right now. Thanks for the ideas!
    Especially the plates on stands. I’m going to do this!

  8. I just started to “fill” my space. I added some Christmas lights… and it looks so fun! I literally just tossed them up… how they fell… they fell. I’ve also added some apothecary jars (on the cheap of course)…. but I really like your plate! Might have to start scopin out GW… :)
    LOVE your ideas… PLEASE keep them comin!

  9. Your space looks great…I miss having this space in the house we have now I don’t have it ours has a soffit that sticks out so I have
    baskets hung up all around there….
    great ideas…
    Sweet Blessings…

  10. Gorgeous! You did a great job accessorizing this area! I personally hate this area of my kitchen! I’m going to have to try some of your ideas!

    You are a girl after my own heart, decorating with very little or no money!!!

    Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

  11. This is fabulous !! I do have a very empty space ‘up there’ in my new house and I need to work on decorating it ! Right now it is home to a box that house our four margarita glasses ! I think I’ll take a before picture and start searching for thrift store treasures !!!

  12. I have soffits in my kitchen, so what you did doesn’t pertain to me. But I find what you did very inspirational!
    I love all of the different collections you have arranged…Very nice!

  13. I love the extra space and you have such cute ideas! I have had my cabinet tops decorated with pigs, cows, vegetable stuff. I’m undertaking changing to a woodland theme in the kitchen. Can’t wait to start hitting some garage sales to see what I can find.

  14. I have always struggled with what to put on top of the cabinets! Thanks for the ideas! I actually wish my cabinets just went to the ceiling, but oh well. And I’d rather have soffits, like I have in my other homes. But I don’t, so I have to deal with this space. I did find something to put above my laundry room cabinets. I painted 2 wooden shutters red and sat them horizontally along the back, so they are leaning against the wall. Then I put my collection of glass vases up there (because I needed a place to store them!).


  15. Yay! I finally got a project done for this week. :)

    I don’t think your plants are ugly! And I LOVE the old jars with that aqua tone! In the last photo, what are all those bronzy flowery looking things sticking up? (Curiosity got me!)

  16. I love these tips! Thanks for the ideas. I have emptiness up there right now. Oh, and dust.

    I’m alway on the lookout for trash to put up there, but I’m never sure how to arrange it.


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