Attitude Reinvented

Yesterday I found myself “down in the dumps”.

My family said I was being a grump.

I got on my blog and proceeded to whine,

Then I found out how many blog friends are mine.

I have so many sweet friends that I’ve never met

I’ve won the lottery and I don’t even bet!

After poems and projects I needed a mop

To clean up the tears from my Dell laptop.

Okay, I’ll stop now. Just let me say two more words.

Thank You.

You wonderful people that read this blog are so sweet and encouraging. Barbara Jean even wrote me a poem! And it was WAY better than mine.

Now on to REINVENTED stuff.

If you love Frugal Food Storage ideas, like the ones HERE, and HERE, you’ll love my new find.

I’ll call this one Lazy Frugal Food Storage.

So, I was at the grocery reading labels. Looking for a jar spaghetti sauce without added sugar. Let me tell ya, that is NOT an easy task. I finally found a jar of Kroger’s Private Selection spaghetti sauce. After we actually enjoyed the sauce, I noticed the jar! See that detail that looks like dentil moulding? So cute. And the lid is already black!

Move over Ragu, I’ve got a new best friend. She hardly needs any decorating. Which is good, ‘cuz I hardly have any TIME. (see yesterday’s post for that sordid story)

Have a fabulous day everyone! I {heart} every one of you!

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18 thoughts on “Attitude Reinvented

  1. I read your blog daily without leaving a comment, I just want to say thanks for always making me smile and for all the cool ideas you have! I hope the rest of your week is fabulous!


  2. Great idea! I’ve been buying Classico tomato basil at Costco. It tastes a lot like homemade and it comes in big atlas mason jars. It is really hard to find things with sugar or HFCS. I tried with ketchup, and basically gave up, because no ketchup out there is better than Heinz.

    And I keep all glass jars too. There’s always something I can use them for. Oooohhh, I just emptied out a big applesauce jar that had a small mouth, perfect for flowers :)

  3. Until you start reading the labels you have no idea the amount of sugar is spaghetti sauce! When I was doing South Beach diet I had a hard time finding one that had no sugar.

    Glass jars are good for so many things and that’s a pretty one!


  4. Thanks for stopping by! I love the jar too! Hmmm…I need some of those but we don’t have Kroger here…guess the search begins for me! LOL! Have an aweseome weekend and thanks for the kudos. God bless you…


  5. Kim, im glad you are feeling better today. I so hear you girl, our girls are now teens but when school ends (last exam today) it normally takes me about 2 weeks to adjust having these mini adults and thier friends around me and taking my quiet day away. As moms we are entitled to whine. I love your vision for the spahegetti jars and like you, i love the idea of the black lids. Take care and try and catch some you time.

  6. You know your “reinvention” gene runs deep when you are excited about food containers that need less work to “reinvent”. :)

    Congrats on the attitude adjustment. I went through one of those this week. (see yesterdays post on pouting like a toddler)

  7. Oh, that is an awesome find!!! Great job. And sorry you were down in the dumps, I totally hear ya. I feeling a little that way too and knowing I have lovely friends (like you!) out there to cheer me up means the world!!

    Happy day!

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