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Happy Monday everyone! Wow, is it ever HOT here. We’re usually pretty resistant to turn on the AC in the summer, but I’m using massive amounts of electricity to cool my house down right now. And it’s still June. Uh-oh.

Before I get to today’s project, and after I complain about the weather, I have a little bloggy housekeeping to do. A couple of months ago, I dropped the “” from my blog address, and bought the URL It has come to my attention that those of you that subscribe via the Google Reader or via e-mail or RSS via through Feedburner might have been cut off after the switch. If you’re having trouble, I apologize. Me and my computer bird brain didn’t realize that this would cause any issues, but you might need to re-subscribe. I just hope you want to. (smile)
Okay, so anyway…
When I announced that my master bedroom makeover was DONE, I didn’t really mean it. Is any room ever completely done? Not at my house. Do I ever just get sick of working on a room, and declare it “done, for now?” Absolutely.
If you’ve watched any HGTV, and God help you if you haven’t, then you know that every room must have a focal point. For bedrooms, that’s usually the bed. After we finished our “door” headboard, I knew that in order for our bed to be a proper focal point, I needed something to go on the wall above the headboard.
Well, in our house, the statements “I NEED something to hang on the wall”, and “I have plenty of money to BUY something to hang on the wall” usually don’t match up.
So, off to the Goodwill store I went. You know, so that I could hang other people’s junk on my walls again.
I started with this.You may remember this combo from a previous Goodwill post. I removed a dated print from this frame, painted it chocolate brown and hung it on the wall empty. The wood plaque is one of those 70’s craft projects gone wrong. It had some fruit decoupaged on back when Mod Podge wasn’t cool. I removed the fruit and sanded it well, then painted the entire plaque Heirloom White. Next came the monogram, just printed from Microsoft Word and used as a stencil.

I like this, and it cost less than five bucks, but it’s not large enough to fill in the empty wall above our bed. So today I went to the GW looking for some fabulous plates or platters to hang up there.

Well…I found some, but they weren’t FABULOUS. (Just cheap. Six dollars total.)

Heirloom White spray paint IS fabulous.


Now, it’s a focal point. FINALLY. Oh, and I added a couple more pillows, ‘cuz you can’t have too many pillows.

Now I’ve got to go finish the bench that goes at the foot of the bed. I removed the first layer of fabric, and here’s what it looks like now.

Yeah, eww. Tune in tomorrow for the Trash to Treasure Tuesday results!

Today I’m linking up to Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasures! Check out the finds!

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24 thoughts on “Frugal Focal Points

  1. I love it!! Very nice focal point. I’ve gotta get better at spray painting…it always ends up disastrous but I see everyone else doing it so I must be doing something wrong. Any tips? :)

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Actually I do have a couple of tips. First, prepare your surface. Makes sure it’s clean and if it’s wood, sand it. Then use several light coats, letting each one dry thoroughly in between. I find that I have poor results when I get in a hurry and skip these steps. Anyone else have a tip for Sarah?

  3. I can so relate to never having a room fully finished, but declaring it finished anyways. The only people who completely finish a room are people with money to buy what they want when they want it. When you are on a budget or being thrifty, rooms are always a work in progress as you find things on sale, at thrift stores or yard sales. Sometimes I think it would be nice to just buy everything I want and finish a room off, but where is the fun in that? Your master bedroom looks fabulous!

  4. oh kim hun i hear you, i love focal points but cant seem to get one in my living room YET! your focal point in the bedroom looks absolutely beautiful! Great job!!!

  5. It’s all your fault but I’m getting into the platter thing! And OF COURSE Heirloom White! ;)

    I bought a platter at Goodwill today so I can make a wedding present out of it. They won’t know where it came from they will just know it is fabulous and I will know I can thank darling Kimm for the idea.

  6. Hiya Kimm – Looks so good!! I need to try to paint some plates of my own with Heirloom White of course!!

    I’ve missed everyone – thanks for stopping in last night!

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