Trash to Treasure Tuesday–the Lazy Bum Addition

Good morning, friends. I’m hoping you all can help me out today.

You see, I have NOTHING to share for Trash to Treasure Tuesday. (If you’re thinking “didn’t she just say that a couple of weeks ago? Please stop, you’re making me feel bad.)

I feel like a piece of trash that needs REINVENTED today. Not that kind of trash, just the “in need of a makeover” kind. I desperately need a haircut, my “unibrow” needs waxed and I could probably use my heels to sand down the legs on my fabulous new bench.


I thought summer would be SLOWER, QUIETER and more RELAXING. But, you see, those kids are here. I forgot about what it’s like when they’re here. FASTER, LOUDER, and EXHAUSTING.

I’m feeling a little sorry for myself today, because I have to work 12 hours at the hospital, I haven’t done anything with the great stuff I bought over the weekend, and I want to throw out my entire kitchen so that I can have THIS:

I found this picture on The Lettered Cottage. Anything Layla likes, I like.

Okay, enough with the whining. Please inspire me with your projects. I promise to return the favor.

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16 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday–the Lazy Bum Addition

  1. The photo of that kitchen is beautiful. You’re right, anything Layla likes, I like.

    You’re being so hard on yourself! You sound like you just need a rest, not an entire make over! :) (Although I am a huge fan of threading over waxing… give that a try if you haven’t yet.)

  2. Hey, it’s OK.
    We all have days like that.

    I’ll see if i can go find some trash to add to the treasure list!! =0))

    Hugs and blessing,s
    Barbara Jean

  3. Thanks for another opportunity to show off one of my projects! I love linking up to your blog. Sounds like you have lots of projects waiting in the wings…so no worries about today! Just enjoy what you do! Thanks for letting us share!

  4. Mine’s also a bit of a stretch today because it wasn’t trash, just re-purposed. I also love The Lettered Cottage. However, you can tell she doesn’t have any kids by her decorating style. White, plush kitchen chairs would not survive a week at my house. Still love her style! Don’t worry about finishing projects, it’s SUMMER! Have some fun with your kids and create some memories before they are all grown up and gone.

  5. I fell in LOVE with that kitchen too. Sigh… good news is I may be able to recreate it in a friend’s home if she goes for it! I emailed it to her right away! I hope I hope I hope… I MUST make that!


  6. Oh good, I can comment now. I tried early and was defeated by the internet angel of doom.

    I would love a phyiscal makeover too.

    That is a beautiful kitchen. You know what it needs? Bakerella cooking up something yummy.

  7. oh boy Kimm, your humor gets me every time…I chuckle at my desk as i read. I hope you are feeling better and if it makes you feel any better i have two pimples on my chin and my heels could sand your bench too! :) Hang in there…and go get a pedicure would ya!

  8. Hi Kimm! Good luck on your shift~I’m sorry it’s a rough couple of days. You just need to take a day to reinvent you. I know it’s easier said than done, but you give yourself some TLC. Even if it’s just a bubble bath with that picture of that kitchen printed out and laminated next to you :)

  9. I’m right there with you, Kimm. This summer has been crazier than usual. And, the sad part is that I was under the impression that we were going to have an easy, lazy summer. I decided today to blog about all the things I have done since summer break began. And, I have never done much journaling, but each night I am quickly writing down all the things I did that day. Even as simple as taking one of the kids to the library. I’m finding that just simply recognizing that I have been productive, even in simple ways, is making me feel better…Take Care!!

  10. Sorry you’re having a rough day. I sure got a laugh out of the rough heels. I have exactly the same problem! I think it’s awesome that you’re doing the linky party even though you don’t have a project. Thanks!!!

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