Reinvention Convention

Two posts on a SATURDAY? What has gotten in to me? Actually, I’m tired from Goodwilling and Garage Saling this morning, so I’m resting for a few minutes. Welcome to my “couch potato” moment.

I found a couple of fabulous projects in blogland this week, and since I’m all about sharing ideas for repurposing stuff, HERE YOU GO!

Check out this footboard makeover at Censational Girl.


This awesome project is a faux locker basket made from THIS:

She even has the little metal label holders for the front! How cool. Check out this project at Creatively Dreaming.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! See y’all back here on Monday!

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8 thoughts on “Reinvention Convention

  1. that’s awesome! I’ve been lookign at yardsales and wondering what I could make with whatever i see there, right? But I don’t really have the know-how to actually change something. eek.

  2. You will not believe this!!
    I just took a cute foot board out of the garage today and wondered about making it a shelf or something.
    No flat spot to do a chalk board, but I’m going to post it this weekend to get voted for which way to use it.

    Great idea for a chalkboard though.
    Thanks for a great place to visit.

    Barbara Jean

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