Reinvention Convention

Happy Monday to all!

Before I share a couple of fabulous ideas that I found, I have an idea to pitch.

What do y’all think about making tomorrow’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday an Independence Day theme? I’m planning to add a little patriotic decor to my home in honor of Independence Day, using stuff I already have, and I’d love for you all to join me!

(if you’ve already got a project planned to share, and it’s not a patriotic theme, please share anyway! No pressure!)

Now to other people’s good ideas.

These napkin rings are made from an empty Saran wrap tube. I was so excited to find this one. For those of you, like me, that have been trying to reduce your family’s waste by using cloth napkins, this is an inexpensive way to dress them up. I think it would be great to add an initial for each family member also. Find the directions for this project at Merriment Design.

Who needs a chore list when you’ve got this fabulous kitchen window valance? Guess what it’s made out of? You’re right, a canvas drop cloth. Credit for this goes to Jen at Sanctuary Arts.
Let’s meet back here tomorrow for some Red, White and Blue Trash to Treasure!

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6 thoughts on “Reinvention Convention

  1. Awesome! I love the napkin ring idea… and I’m always looking for something to do with those cardboard tubes instead of throughing out. What a great idea. Also – I’m totally up for the 4th of July theme… now to think of a project. lol ;)

  2. hi Kimm!! How was your weekend?? I loved Jen’s rendition of what goes on in my head at home..she is hysterical! Hope you are doing well and I would love to join you in your trash to tresure for the 4th, but being that I am at work…I don’t forsee any decorating this hiss, I know. I will be back tomorrow to see yours though! Ta Ta

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