Small Changes, Big Results

Can an entire room be “trash?”

Wait, don’t say no, you haven’t seen my house. At least not all of it, ‘cuz I only show you the parts I want you to see. (insert wicked laugh here)
I made a really big deal out of my master bedroom makeover, so some of you remember that. And, of course, if you don’t, I’ve included these links to the BEFORE and AFTER.
Although I love the finished bedroom, I’ve never updated the master bath. THIS is where we get to the trash part. Our master bathroom is functional, but not beautiful. I think it’s so important to add softness and texture to a bathroom, to balance all of the hard edges and slick surfaces, but I hadn’t actually done it. So today, I got started.
Here are FIVE EASY WAYS to add softness and texture to your bathroom:
  1. Wood. Shelves, baskets, frames. These all add the texture and warmth of wood. Try to use wood in place of plastic for waste baskets and laundry hampers. Line an old basket with a canvas drop cloth to protect your clothes.
  2. Fabric. Add curtains to the windows. Use a beautiful shower curtain. If you have a shower stall, you might be able to add curtains to this. For an idea, check out Sarah’s at Thrifty Decor Chick.
  3. Plants. If you’re brave, and your thumb is green, go ahead and use real plants. If you’re like me, go with artificial, just try to find realistic looking fake plants.
  4. Lamps. Adding a lamp to a bathroom elevates it to “real room” status. You know, instead of “functional closet” status. And you can’t beat the soft light.
  5. Furniture. If you’ve got room, include a piece of furniture. A small dresser or bookshelf really adds character and warmth. Oh, yeah, and storage.
Here are some pictures of my master bathroom after a quick makeover with stuff I already had.

I used leftover fabric from the bedroom to “make”, and I use that term very LOOSELY, a valance for the window. No sewing or gluing this time. Just creative folding and upholstery tacks, ala the Nester. You can see the edge of our shower here, it’s not one I can add a curtain to, so the hard edges remain.

Oh! I forgot to put ART on the list. Not expensive stuff, mind you. Too much moisture in a bathroom for REAL art. I framed more leftover fabric and stenciled a “B” on some craft paper to update some 90’s prints that were hanging here above the tub. I’d still LOVE to have some old chippy shelves to go in this spot, but haven’t found anything yet.

Here’s the corner with a plant that I got for free from my parents when they redecorated.

My “reinvented” tray holds necessities on the vanity, and a picture of my kids. I haven’t found the perfect lamp yet either. A girl needs GOALS, right?

I spent NO MONEY this morning, just a little energy updating some stuff I already had. NOW I have to clean the bathroom. THAT will cost a little more. Energy, that is.

Link up those projects, my friends! I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

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29 thoughts on “Small Changes, Big Results

  1. I still love that tray. I hate, HATE our bathroom. We have 2 full baths in our (1970s) house, but only one is upstairs. That means the hubs and I share it with our two girls. And. it. is. tiny. It needs to be completely redone. It is ugly and uninspiring. Thanks for your tips. :)

  2. I have this weird curiosity about what other people put on the back of their toilet–and you didn’t show it! No matter what I use, it never seems to look right. So, come on, show us the potty!

  3. Hey! I made it! I was just thinking last night – I bet I could link up with Kimm today. :)

    Love your Trash To Treasure. :) Your simple decorating ideas never cease to amaze me.

  4. Hi! I linked my way to your site, and I’m glad I did! I posted a project at “Metamorphosis Monday” yesterday, but it was something I really did make with TRASH, so I posted it here, too! Thank you for hosting this feature. What a good idea! And the pictures of your bathroom look good, so now I’m going to look at your bedroom. :)

  5. kim, i too just finished a project/small makeover so i figuted i might as well link up. I love your makeover, so many pretty ides, i just may have to steal some of them, oh and that tray is soooooooo pretty. Fabulous job gitl!

  6. I love making changes with stuff you already have around. There used to be a show about that and it was my favorite!

    This is where REAL creativity comes out!

    Looking good!

  7. My master bathroom is the ugliest room in our house, and is in need of a total re-model. Thanks for sharing yours. I love it, and I can use all the inspiration I can get!

  8. Hi Kimm!! Love everything! Especially what you did with that tray! It’s great to “see” you again. I had no idea you were hosting such a fun party! I’ll have to participate one of these days. Take care, Kim

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