Totally Neutral, Almost

Today I’m “attending” the My Favorite Paint Color Party at 320 Sycamore!

320 Sycamore is another of my FAVORITE blogs. Melissa is one of those girls with talent oozing out of her pores, that’s not afraid to stay real.

She also has fantastic party ideas, apparently! Choosing paint colors can be so frustrating. I hate trying to imagine what a 2×2 paint chip will look like covering an entire wall. Most paint dealers are now offering sample sizes to try, but I still consider a recommendation from a friend priceless.
Here are some of my favorites.
Wait! I must warn you first, I like mostly neutral backgrounds for my rooms, with punches of color, so you may find my choices BORING. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a warm neutral, I’m your gal.

For our mastern bedroom, we used Lowe’s “Antique.” It’s a warm beige Waverly color and perfectly matches the background in the Waverly fabric I used to sew, I mean glue, my drapes.

This color is called “Sundew” from Sherwin Williams. I love this color and have used it in 3 homes now over the years. It’s a little yellower than the “Antique” above. Currently we have this color in our foyer, stairwell and both 1st and 2nd floor halls. It lightens up dark areas, and looks great with black and small touches of color.

This one is “Filtered Shade” by Lowe’s. We have this color in both boys’ rooms. It’s a soft neutral gray that I consider a little more contemporary than the beiges. It coordinates very well with legos and sports equipment, in case you were wondering. AND BUCKEYE STUFF.

I went a little CRAZY in the dining room. No, there wasn’t any wine involved. At least not until AFTER I was done painting. This color is called “Apple Green”, it’s an Eddie Bauer color from Lowe’s, and I {HEART} it. It’s definitely the most bold color choice I’ve ever made for walls, so I kept the accessories black and cream so the color didn’t overpower the room. The table and chairs are a combination of medium stained oak and black.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my favorite paint colors! I’m excited to look around, check out other favorites, and hopefully pick up some new ones! Enjoy the party!

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33 thoughts on “Totally Neutral, Almost

  1. Great neutral colors. That gray is close to what I will be doing in my own bedroom and the green is really close to the color I will be painting my cabinets in my ktchen redo on my blog!

  2. Hi Kimm,

    Love the apple green, especially with the black and cream, very stunning and I also love that Buckeye pillow, we are buckeyes also!! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I’m a neutral gal like you! Nothing wrong with that at all we just make up for it in our decorating. But I must say your green color is very pretty! And, I agree, it’s killing me to not just go out and buy a gallon of paint!

  4. Go Buckeyes! We just painted my son’s room in Buckeye colors. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the good ideas and sharing others ideas!

  5. Kimm! Hi girl! What would a party be without you?? Okay, I love that green! Now, I have to add it to my trial colors for my laundry room. How do you think it would be in a room with almost no natural light? I love the neutrals on the walls with color in the accessories as well. Thanks for coming to play~

  6. I really like that “Sundew” color. I have been on the search for a Master Bedroom color & that would look great! I love the black and white valance with the apple green! We live in Ohio, too, but aren’t Buckeyes!

  7. Great colors! Ithe beachy bag is super cute, I could totally see a monogram, or maybe even a star fish added to it.

    Can’t say I love the Buckeye pillow though. I’m a Florida Gator, so we’re supposed to be mortal enemies, lol. ;)

    Have a great weekend!!

  8. I have the same apple green paint from Lowes in my kitchen. I. love. it! I accent the walls with a variety of blue and white plates and white cabinets.
    I love your home. Keep posting great ideas!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I absolutely love your blog…so glad I found it! You are so talented. I love the apple green color you used…how fun! :)

  10. I love your dining room color!! It is GORGEOUS!!! My dining room is also black and white and I have been wanting to change the color from gold (original color when we moved in) to something bold. I like this!!

    Also, stop over to my blog- I sent you some blogging love!!

  11. I love the green apple as well. Great accessories too. I love your blog and I past an awe-summm award onto you.
    Thanks for your great ideas!

  12. Love the green! Someday I’ll go that bold.. I guess I have red on the ceiling in one of my rooms, but it’s meant to look like those old tin ceilings.

  13. I love the apple green room. I tend to be more on the bold side for color choices. I love walking into someone’s home and getting a sense of their personality, from their home. Too many homes are just copies of things from stores or that you can find in magazines. I think your mostly neutral with that bold apple green, speaks volumes! For me, any shade of green is best! I usually paint my kitchens a forest green shade. I once went kind of light on the shade and it reminded me too much of baby poop. After 2 more tries on a darker shade I finally got the one I loved! Now I head for the bolder color on the first try! Anywho, I love your rooms and colors!


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